RE: Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?

I agree with fumanchu1 on this issue, i think b/c people see celebrities with these kinds of tattoos they want one too not knowing what those kinds of tattoos symbolize. I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with that because people have the right to put whatever meaning they want to any tattoos they have on their body. I don’t really agree with answers like “b/c it looks cool” or “well the rock has one” but meh it ain’t my body so whatevas bro! 🙂


10 Responses to “RE: Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?”

  1. ketsukusa Says:

    yes it is nice that people are enjoying their own little tattoos, but isn’t there an issue with exploiting a culture just because it looks cool? It could offend someone. I believe that people should know what they are getting inked on to their bodies so you could pay “tribute” to the culture not just “rape it”.

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    What i find funny, yet degrading is 2 of the 5 photos you posted are fake tattoos being sold by someone who is profiting off the same culture ketsukusa says it may be offending. People have the right to put anything they want on their own bodys. I personally enjoy seeing these tribal tats on people who are non-polynesian. The fact is it demonstrates Polynesian Recognition and their art. Well until that person dies or at least washes off their fake tattoo.

  3. ketsukusa Says:

    haha two are fake.

  4. I guess what i am trying to say is if there is a type of art on your body, may it be borrowed art from another culture, as long as you can some good meaning behind why you put that on your body, it shouldn’t be to big of an issue despite not knowing its true meaning defined by a culture… b/c in the end as long as you can explain your reasoning behind why you chose to ink that with a real sense of meaning, people will respect your choice

  5. the rock has polynesian tattoos because he IS polynesian

  6. I know that he is polynesian … but i was mentioning him b/c other people that emulate him will want one, did you even read the post or did you just see the rocks name?

  7. bigdickdaddy Says:

    The original question is why do you think there’s a surge in polynesian or tribal tattoo’s on however’s body- Crlee the meanings and if the tattoo offends someone is secondary to the question posed…

  8. thekingofeurope Says:

    because tribal tattoos apparently look bad ass. if you’ve ever seen “from dusk til dawn” and seen george clooney’s tattoo in that movie, you’ll understand.

  9. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Dude, the question was brought up because i do understand. I want to know what peoples opinions are and what they think the reasons are for the increase. I gather you (kingofeurope) are saying that media plays a part in creating a big buzz for tribal and polynesian tats. I highly doubt it, especially since the movie your talking about wasn’t all that great at the box office. I could be wrong but its my intellectual opinion that this is not the case. Watching a movie does not make me want to run out an get a tattoo because what i saw was “bad ass”. Were talking about a Tattoo, not a T-shirt or coffee cup.

  10. fuckin haoles with those polynesian tatoos. hah and the one popolo.

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