RE-Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?

Polynesian and Tribal tattoo’s on people who aren’t from the culture.

I was reading around the net for opinions about Polynesian tattoos.
here are what some people had to say to this question “Is it disrespectful to get a samoan/polynesian tattoo if you are not of that ethnicity?”

“It depends, everyone I know with polynesian tattoo’s, myself included, have been interviewed by the artist to see whether or not we were right to carry it. You have to respect the beliefs and customs of the polynesians then it will be alright. But a word of advice, every polynesian tattoo means something, they are not merely symbols. Make sure your artist knows about the culture and does not just copy something out of a book, that is disrespecful.”

“I did the same searching a while back. So many ppl do it that are not polynesian these days. I ended up designing a cross breed of somoa and maury (sp?) with some other modern tribal.

I’m a 6′ 300lb mexican with tibals on my back already. I guess some would be able to “get away with it” better than others. Good luck with that.”

“Well, you can do what you want to, but don’t be surprised if the tattoo artist warns you about it. Mimicking another culture, especially a right of passage, will be viewed as a big insult.
And in the Samoan culture, those tattoos actually mean something. Kind of like a hieroglyph. Most tattoo artists have no clue what they mean. For all you know, you might be putting “I’m a big moron!!!” right across your arm, and never know it.

You have any idea how many people are walking around with Chinese symbols that mean something COMPLETELY different than what they thought.”

“i sure hope not!!!! hehe.

i am an owner of about 5 tattoos that include japense/kanji symbols but i am in NO way of any asian ethnicity…

if it means something to YOU personally… i’d say go for it. doesn’t matter what ethnicity it comes up.. deep down, we’re all the same anyway :)”


2 Responses to “RE-Are Tattoo’s in Fashion?”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Rock on. You did a great job with the mission.

  2. HAHA the last guy could look like kelly

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