moar plastic songs

we all know that it is a favorite of rap and hip hop artists to sample other musicians’ beats, riffs, and basslines. it turns out that lil’ john’s smash hit  “lets go” sampled the intro guitar riff and melody for ozzy osbourne’s “crazy train”.

“crazy train” was written and prouduced sometime in the late 70’s, showing that no song is to old to be sampled by today’s hip-pop artists. the best part about “lets go” is that it features no chord progression changes throughout the entire song so all you hear is the same progression looped over and over again, for the intro, chorus, verse, outro…. it even loops the clowny laughter that ozzy gives off in the beginning of the song.

ozzy’s version

lil’ john’s version

heres another plastic cover but slightly less evident.

boulevard of broken dreams

“boulevard of broken dreams” was green day’s smash hit back in ’04 but in reality it was largely ripped off of Oasis’ “wonderwall” that was released nine years earlier.


“boulevard of broken dreams” shares the same structure and chord progression as “wonderwall” but is not in the same key or tempo which makes it a little harder to pinpoint.


2 Responses to “moar plastic songs”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    i’ve always felt that green day’s melodies sounded eerily similar to songs i’ve heard before. like “waiting” sounds like “downtown” by petula clark, “scattered” sounds like “sister golden hair” by america, etc.

    but i like green day, or at least old green day, so they get a pass. a guy once told me, there is no original music anymore, the only thing people can hope to come up with is lyrics. if you think about it, he’s probably right. that guitar riff you came up with last night has probably been played a thousand times by some jerk in seattle at the local club, every saturday for the last five years.

  2. there are so many songs that share the same chord structure

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