Internet humor leaking into the mainstream lol….

here is a video of the macy’s thanksgiving day parade being rick rolled lol….. it kind leaves a bad taste in your mouth 😛


3 Responses to “Internet humor leaking into the mainstream lol….”

  1. I saw this!
    I laughed till my gut hurt.
    I was surprised they allowed this in the Macy’s parade, I would think it’d be too “mischievous” to promote. I hate bring rickroll’d when surfing the net. And having it done in real life was surprising. Very surprising.

  2. LoL, I’ve never seen this before… I was so excited to see the foster’s floats and then this happened… Just like in real life…

  3. camouflageculture Says:

    a real life rickroll?

    mein got, that’s neck-and-neck with the real life swastiget /b/lockades!!!

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