soft and cozy

knitta, a group of guerilla knitters who bomb cities with their cute knits.


the bright and ‘feminine’ colors make the otherwise mundane objects in the city look ‘pretty’. no doubt, these knitted street art will make passerbys smile and maybe feel all cozy inside. but are there any stereotypes hidden behind these harmless looking fuzzy knits? is it stereotypical that a bunch of female knitters are doing this? (although there are guys in this knitta collective, it’s mostly females..) is it encouraging the image of tame and docile women knitting at home imagining nothing but a pretty and beautiful world?


2 Responses to “soft and cozy”

  1. I’m a reader of a magazine called Knit.1, that featured a story about these knitters. They’re not ALL men.

    Another thing to take in to consideration is the way this form of “guerilla” knitting is considered art, when graffiti isn’t. I don’t understand how this is different from graffiti. Yeah, its a little harder to get off spray paint, but both this type of knitting, and wall art have the same principles.

  2. I think they’d only be seen as tame and docile if they stayed home and weren’t going out and possibly breaking the law by putting up their knits on public property.

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