Plaxico Burress-Violence/Crime in the Celebrity Life.


Very similiar to the rap culture issue we have talked about a little bit.  The biggest entertainment industry we have here in the United States, has found itself consistently at the center stage of crime.  The professional sports industry has millionaires among millionaires playing in the NFL, MLB, NBA..etc, and we always seem to have some story about an athlete being arrested or convicted for something.  From Mike Tyson, OJ Simpson, and most recently to Plaxico Burress.  These athletes are heroes to much of the youth and do not act accordingly.  How do create a solid youth, when their role models are always making headlines for the wrong reasons?


2 Responses to “Plaxico Burress-Violence/Crime in the Celebrity Life.”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    My 6 year old son watches NFL football every Sunday with his Daddy. It was very hard for me to explain why # 17 will no longer play football for the Giants. My boy told me #17 for the Giants shot himself in the leg, he thinks thats the only reason Plaxico can’t play is because he’s hurt. He doesn’t understand the legal ramifacations of this matter and the shame he puts on the NFL. I explained to him nobody, not even football players can carry guns around in public. I told him this is the reason daddy does not like guns. This was the prefect oppertunity to explain i don’t want you son to play with guns either because guns can only hurt someone or something. In this instants it hurts Plaxico in much more than one way. I think my son got the message. Too bad he had to see another one of his favorite NFL players go to jail. The other guy he absolutly loved was Micheal Vick A.K.A. Da Dog Killa

    On the other hand night clubs in New Yerk can be a dangerous place for any man. Fights are easily started and other people carry guns. i think Plaxico should have thought twice about going to a night club especially one that he neede4d to take a gun into. Overall the N.Y. Giants are a good enough football team to do without him. He’s been fuckin up way to much and now he’s going to have some time to think about it alone in a cell.

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    now that’s shooting yourself in the foot.

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