Pinocchio Story…Keep it ‘Real Boy’


This video below is a live performance of Kanye West at the Glow in the Dark Tour.  In this video Kanye performs a song off his new album 808’s and Heartbreak called “Pinocchio Story Freestyle.”  With so many main stream artists putting on a front or as Kanye explains in this song “What does it feel like? To live real life?…to be real? Instead of some pseudo on TV that no one can really feel.”   He even criticizes his own flamboyant style and fame when he says “You think I’d sacrifice a real life? For all the fame and flashing lights?”  With the passing of his mother last year it is hard not to feel for Kanye.  He has stated in an interview that he felt that if he had never gone to Hollywood in pursuit of fame, his mother might still be alive.

Kanye’s new album 808’s and Heartbreak seems to be receiving a lot of negative criticism for going pop.  Fans seem to feel that Kanye is losing his soulful hip hop edge and is going pop.  Critics make it seem like he’s selling out, but after listening to the album I feel that he took a major risk of losing fans in order to wear his emotions on his sleeve.    



7 Responses to “Pinocchio Story…Keep it ‘Real Boy’”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Kanye West has progressively lost his mind over the years. He went from being a dope producer, to an alright rapper, to faux pop singer. I understand that he’s gone through some rough things, but who hasn’t?

    What really made me loose respect for him was when he said that he’s “the voice of our generation” and the Michael Jordan of music. To top it off, he said that Justin Timberlake could’ve been that voice, but he didn’t produce enough music.

    Oh Kanye, how out of touch you are with culture that raised you. I guess it’s hard to see through those glasses.

  2. I was talking about how different this performance was in comparison with his usual antics. he’s always making ridiculous statements. I felt it was refreshing see him bare his emotions during this performance.
    And you’re right, everyone goes through hard times, but isn’t that what makes this performance so relevant?

  3. bigdickdaddy Says:

    There is always a price to fame whether it is personal freedom or letting the money get to your head. Like Biggy said, MORE MONEY – MORE PROBLEMS !!!

  4. You have a lot of feeling for someone who is described as one of the biggest heads in the rap/pop world. That’s a pretty big pair of shoes to fill. I feel for him loosing someone close to him, but my best friend lost her dad yesterday. Life is tough and so is the industry he chose to enter. To whom much is given, much is expected.

  5. hmm. so i should not feel too sorry for his mother passing because hes cocky? why does everyone try to down play the fact that his mother died with “well other people’s mothers die.” Well aren’t they sad that their mothers died too? He expressed his emotions about what he had gone through the best way he knows how. through music. isnt that what music artist do?

  6. fumanchu1 Says:

    yes that is exactly what music artists do. and i’m glad he did it. I would rather see Kanye take the risk and put out a “real” album with his true emotions and feelings on it, rather than make a “plastic” one where he just used some of his old beats and put something together. It is a real challenge to do something different every time especially in the industry he is in. Who would go from doing three albums which were pretty similar in style, knowing that they all did very well and made millions, to something completely different and against what he knows the public likes. I think this event in Kanye’s life really gave him a new perspective and made him grow as an artist. He may have been cocky in the past, but look who he is competing with…..guys like 50 cent saying he is going to quit rapping if he loses their album sale war, (that was pretty funny by the way) and Lil Wayne who says he’s the greatest rapper alive. You have to be cocky to even go up against them.

  7. herewithnoone Says:

    I dont agree with those critics who say kanye is selling out. By making the 808s & Heartbreak album, he’s more likely to lose a big chunk of fans rather than gaining. I haven’t bought the album (yet) but I have heard the leaked versions and I enjoy them. A lot of hip-hop fans (not all of course) i see around the net seem to have an extreme hatred for anything that is not hip-hop or “true” hip-hop. I wonder how people will react when lil wayne and diddy come out with their own auto-tune pop album.

    Kanye may have an arrogant attitude, but all rappers have that attitude.

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