“Noho Hewa” endorsed by UH?

This is a documentary film about conflict between Hawaiian Sovereignty activists and the United States government by filmmaker Anne Keala Kelly.  More information about the film is available at www.nohohewa.com.  We understand that certain teachers throughout the UH system have offered extra credit to students for seeing this film.  There have even been some instances where viewing of this film outside of class time has been made mandatory.

Have any of you seen this film?  Have your teachers encouraged you to see this film?  If so, how has it influenced your attitude towards the past and present actions of the United States?  Is the film accurate or propagandist?  What teachers in which classes have encouraged you to see it?  Was it extra credit or mandatory?

We appreciate your help in analyzing this situation.


     M. Friedman

     Director and Administrator


7 Responses to ““Noho Hewa” endorsed by UH?”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    People who are born and raised in Hawaii should see this film if they have not already. Yes, i saw the film. Yes, more than one teacher encouraged me to see the film. The film opened my eyes to things i already knew but not in the manner expressed by the film maker. Yes to me the film is accurate and it comes from the point of a Hawaiian. For me it is none of your business what teachers offered it as extra credit or as mandatory. I hope the Obama Administration gets their hands on this film and veiws it as an extra credit or mandatory assignment. I also hope that they make it mandatory for anyone stationed in the islands to watch this film also. If you know anything about Hawaiian History Mr. M Friedman, you can easily see that Hawaiian lands were never intended to be sold. Don’t Forget the over-throw of the Hawaiian Kingdom was unjust and Illegal for that matter. Oh yeah one more thing: Any Hawaiian Blood makes you Hawaiian in case you didn’t know. ANY AMOUNT- Blood quantum was made up for the white mans purposes not the Hawaiian people. We Already Know We Are Hawaiian.

  2. What differences in policy do you think would be made if members of the government or military were compelled to see this documentary? What difference you made in your thoughts and actions since seeing this film? Don’t worry about naming off teachers if you don’t feel comfortable but let us know what classes should encourage students to see this video and why.

  3. Alright this issue for one is far beyond extra credit or mandatory. The disrespect of the Hawaiian land is something that has to be stopped. I don’t understand why tourism and military continues to grow on our land. I remember a few years back on Maui, when they built that hotel Four Seasons on top of Kapalua burial sacred lands. Literally digging up bones of our ancestors? Thats fucking ridiculous and must be stopped.

  4. bigdickdaddy Says:

    A great man once said,

    “We will not vanish into the sunset.
    We will resist to our last breath the wrongs
    that were done to us.”

    Butch Kekahu

  5. bigdickdaddy Says:

    You wanna know what differences in policy do i think would be made if members of the government or military were compelled to see this documentary?

    To be honest there would be no policy changes. Just a realization of what has been done in the past by our fellow Americans.

    What difference have you made in your thoughts and actions since seeing this film?

    The film increased my knowledge of the uncaring displays of careless people who not only profited for there own good but continues to do so today. Have you heard of a man named Lorrin Thurston well his great-grandchildren and grandchildren are living comfortable here in Hawaii Thanks to his generous efforts in the over-throw of the Hawaiian Kingdom back in 1893.

    Don’t worry about naming off teachers if you don’t feel comfortable but let us know what classes should encourage students to see this video and why.

    All Hawaiian classes. All Social Work Classes. All History Classes. Damn just about every class in the University should see the film. Braddah its Heart-wrenching facts about the TRUTH thru the Hawaiians eyes who continue to be pushes onto beaches, stripped of their culture, taking advantage of, and used as a commodity.

  6. What’s the answer? Should the tourism industry be dismantled? Should all non-native people be forced to leave the islands? Should people go back to farming and fishing land that is controlled only by the Ali`i? Should reparations be taken from the U.S. Government? Would people be willing to go back to the Aikapu system and faithful observance of Hawaiian religion? Are haole descendants of bankers and sugar growers responsible for their ancestors crimes? What should, or could haole people do to make right old wrongs? How could a sovereign Hawai`i maintain autonomy and security on a vastly interconnected and volitile world stage? What good are films like these if not to inspire revolutionary actions?

  7. bigdickdaddy Says:

    The answers should come from citizens of the Hawaiian Kingdom and through those who they vote for. Restore the Hawaiian government that was illegally takan away in 1893. Restore the kingdoms laws and adapt new laws from whatever exsisted before the overthrow. The tourist industry and the military could stay but only if a vote was held to do so. The only people who should vote in this election is the people who are born in Hawaii, the decendence of Hawaiians, and people who obtain naturalization just like they do to become an America. ANY lifestyle that exsist after that should be voted on by the people of the Kingdom. (fishing, farming or whatever it may be) Most definetly reparations should be recieved by Hawaiians but not to a single person it should go to the Kingdom to restore traditions, langauge, culture and so on. Religion should not be forced on anyone and those willing to convert back to the Aikapu system must make it happen in the hawaiian courts. I wouldn’t say the descendants are responsible for the acts of their descendants but if they are still profiting from the lands or living on them, it should be given back. They shouldn’t have to move but they can always leave the island if they chose too. Lands that were stolen should go back to the Kingdom of Hawaii. Haoles could at least admit what has happen and let the Hawaiian people do what they want as a sovern nation. the same way any other sovern nation does it. I don’t know the names of other films but any film or doc which explains the terrible thing the US did to indiginous peoples would be a start. hope that answers your questions Mr. Friedman

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