just a double standard

If I were a boy…

Bad behaviors…boys aren’t the only ones that cheat, lie, and steal. Women do the same.

But why is it that women are considered SLUTS when their promiscuous and sleep around with many men, and men are considered PIMPS when they do the same?


12 Responses to “just a double standard”

  1. herewithnoone Says:

    The video is no longer working, but if i remember correctly, at the end of the video, it turns out that the husband was the cheater but i guess some verses say how she would cheat and lie if she was a boy. i think rhianna’s song, unfaithful, is another good example of how it isnt only men who do bad things.

    I’ve also wondered why women are looked down upon for sleeping around while men earn respect when they do the exact same thing. Its kind of like how when a woman does something that seems manly (body building, construction work, etc…), people usually think that those women are weird or different. NOt sure if im making this up or I’ve heard it on discovery or history channel but women were the ones who had to remain loyal to their husbands while the men didnt Have to stay loyal. Some tribes allowed men to have as much wives as they wanted but women could only stay with one man.

  2. People of the same gender basically sum it all up.. Jealous, Pissed off girls will generally lash out on any girl they see to be promiscuous or flirty or whatever it is they are doing… guys on the other hand dont lash out on other guys like that.. girls will go all out to bring another girl down, whether it be name calling, trash talking, spreading rumors, whatever.. guys do no such thing. these “hate crimes” bring up such name calling like slut or whore.. when men dont get abused to the same actions because theres no one who hates on them.

    to break it down for y’all .. hate brings out the worst in people.. now we got sluts, bitches, and hoes runnin around because women HATE on each other..

    [note: women in this blog, i love you all.. i mean no harm in the comment.] lol.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    really? if a guy sleeps around i feel hes a ho and same goes for women. its the concept of one night stands that just seem irresponsible. it also could be the media creating the standards for gender. your appearance, things you buy, and things you do are molded by the media. so stop watching tv and get married already!

  4. thekingofeurope Says:

    men are supposed to spread their seed (because they have so much of it), while women have a finite number of eggs and should wait for the “right” man to impregnate them.

    [note: i also mean no harm, it’s what i learned in psychology of human sexuality class]

  5. blahahalb Says:

    This video is quite interesting given the fact that it shows a women doing something that maybe a man might do. The music video has a bad way of getting to its viewers of what it is actually trying to say. She is basically saying that if she were a “guy” she wouldn’t cheat or do anything to put their relationship in jeopardy. This typically says that majority of men would cheat on their women, and given from a women’s perspective saying that it is not good to cheat. But this goes for both sides of the story because women do the same when they don’t get what they want from their man even if they are faithful. Both girls & guys do this depending on how they are.

  6. i disagree with thekingofeurope.. i think that it is somewhat unethical to be impregnating women just because we have “a bountiful amount of seed”.. i mean its somewhat true, but we aren’t animals that don’t have morals… we are better than that and that should be the reason for us too be honest and not fool around with others..

  7. If I were a man, I wouldn’t want to be known as a “Pimp.” That just means I’m sleazy and dealing with shady business. I didn’t have the brains or skills enough to get a decent sort of job and instead have to spend my time exploiting women for money. Or if pimp just means playa, then I wouldn’t really want to be known as that either. I agree with blahalalb. It really just depends on the personality of the guy/girl and the people judging them.

    kingrico, I’m interested in where you got your information that women hate on women and that’s where we got the names like “sluts” and “hos.” That seems a little far fetched.

  8. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    -kingrico: why are you disagreeing with him? it’s what he learned in his psychology of human sexuality class!

    now get out there and seed somebody!

  9. blahahalb Says:

    hahaha, it is true that i wouldn’t want to be known as a “pimp” either because that just gives you a bad rep. This is a quite interesting post with the whole fact of “seeding somebody.”

    Its the society we live in and that sex sell lol

  10. rockstareina Says:

    Great discussion. Its all about your perceptions, but thekingofeurope, I hardly think that justifying men sleeping around NOW, in this time, goes with mens mentality that they need to, and i quote, “spread the seed” (because they have so many).

  11. japaneseperson Says:

    as humans we are meant to procreate as is every animal. kingrico is just saying we have a conscious and we can decide not to fuck everything that moves. but is it a double standard really? as men arnt we teased if we dont get lots of women? so we all fall into this cycle our culture has created. if women sleep around a lot they are looked down on same as if men dont sleep around. youre just looking at one end of the spectrum.

  12. This video opened my eyes a lot. Gender differences have always been an issue in society. Men and women having to be fair with each other is a difficult topic to just resolve. Through this video I was able to feel how weird it would be to see a woman act so deceitful towards her man. The male in the video looked weak, innocent, and hurt. But when we see Beyonce take his role, it felt a little different.

    Beyonce was always a question to me because in the beginning of her career, she would frequently sing about how guys are gross and should be watched carefully by. In her current songs she feels more for having a well-established man. She just twists her views all the time.

    In the end, I do think male and females should have the same standard in relationships. If it isn’t alright for women to sleep around it shouldn’t be alright for men as well.

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