Are we in the midst of another depression? If you think about all of the signs that we are seeing in today’s job and stock market it looks really similar. What are you going to do to prepare yourself if this gets worse? What do you think are some solutions to the problem?



  1. I already have friends actively working to establish sustainable living communities so that we can remove ourselves from the grid entirely if necessary. Personally, I don’t think it will come to that. If people had access to the types of communication technologies we have today back in 1929, the depression would have been just another recession. Financial superpowers such as the Morgans and the Rockefellars deliberately pulled strings to cause both the crash of 1929 and of 2008. The reason for this is to financially cripple any possible competitors and to consolidate capitol and power. They are able to do this is through control of media, government, and a completely illogical and inherently corrupt central banking system dealing in currency that is essentially worthless. Our money does not represent value backed by gold or silver or any other commodity. Each dollar in circulation represents only debt. If all the debt in the country were paid down to zero, all of our money would be worthless. Unfortunately, the amount of debt in the world far outsizes the gross monay in circulation. What this means is that under the current system, we are mathematically doomed to a perpetuating cycle of debt and inflation. This is a religious issue. Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism all warn against the evils of debt and interest. Einstein said, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”. The silver lining is that this is no longer as safely guarded a secret as the Morgans and Rockefellars would like it to be. People are learning about the true nature of our privatized, debt-based economy and they are sharing their knowlege through the internet. Communication is the key. Be vary wary of any attempt made by the government at this time to curtail freedom of speech. Learn everything you can about how our financial system works and then take whatever action you feel is appropriate for you to take. Talk about it! Talk about it with your teachers, your fellow students, your family, your pastor, your mailman. The answer here is not communism. It’s not socialism. The answer is simply to go back to the type of banking system our founding fathers had established and to guard it with strict regulation. Give power and freedom to the people, not banks and corporations.

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