How’s this for lack of creativity?

People have been posting stuff about a lack of creativity in movies, but at least in the movies, they are being remade into another version of the same movie instead of stealing the plot altogether.  What do you think about this video I found, it pretty much seems like he just flat out stole the joke.  It seems to close to be just a coincidence, what do you think and is this okay?  Do comedians have rights to their jokes like artists have rights to their art?


15 Responses to “How’s this for lack of creativity?”

  1. AngieLee777 Says:

    I think it’s bound to happen, everyone copies everyone…even our lingo, style of clothes, and thinking were some how formed by observing others (t.v./school) and especially those closest to us (friends/family). So I can see how in general people copy people…in this case, it seems to be okay because it’s not word for word and it seems as if Mencia just presents it more modernly (talking about heinsman, nfl, etc…) but personally I enjoyed bill cosby’s version. I don’t know if it’s cause he’s more personable and told it in a more story-telling way (w/ sound effects and gestures), but it was better told by Cosby. But see, the thing is, I also believe that someone else can disagree with me and think Mencia’s version is better, if they enjoy raw and a more vulgar comedy style. It’s all preference. So I guess it’s good to have variety of presentations of a story, song, or movie. Different people like different things.

  2. I found a link to an article about this very topic…

    It States:
    Mencia said that it made him uncomfortable when he viewed the Cosby video. “I had never seen Bill Cosby tell that joke until after my special,” he wrote in an e-mail. “I wish I had seen Cosby tell it, because if I had, I would have found another way of making my point since that joke was part of a much larger premise that I’ve been doing for years about women raising children.”

    On one hand I believe that this is a universal joke that is bound to pop up again sooner or later… on the other hand it was a joke preformed by Bill Cosby… WHO IN THE COMEDY BUSINESS HASN’T SEEN BILL COSBY!?!? I guess you could also say that Carlos Mencia would be an idiot for doing it on purpose since Bill Cosby is so famous… who knows.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    i agree with angie but in this case im pretty sure its jacked. i think there are other videos of carlos mencia (real name is ned btw) of him stealing other comics jokes. joe rogan ,host of ufc and a stand up comedian, actually calls him out on stage because of it. if the post had more videos of his crimes it would have been more effective.

  4. There’s the link to the video of Joe Rogan calling Carlos Mencia out if anyones interested. The video gives many more examples of Carlos or Ned stealing jokes from other comics. There are too many examples of Mencia stealing jokes for me to agree with angie. I dont feel its alright for a stand up comic to steal another comics jokes and paraphrase them. I agree that their delivery styles are different and some folk may like Cosby’s version and others like Mencia’s, but stealing the material that is delivered is like having a ghost writer. It’s hard to respect Carlos as a comic.

  5. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Mencia could steal jokes from Richard Pryor and George Carlin and they would still turn out horrible. Screw him and his piece of shit show.

  6. AngieLee777 Says:

    I don’t know if the issue is more with Carlos or just people in general…but I still think that everyone has the issue of copying another.
    Although, i do think that in the entertainment business, it seems pretty illegal to copy other people.

  7. I have to agree with astrangerwithcandy. Mind of Mencia is a pretty terrible show. He even steals material on that show. Its kind out pitiful that he tries to claim the whole making fun racism thing when Richard Pryor did it decades ago. Only difference is that Richard Pryor was funny. Is mind of mencia still on? and how about that chocolate news. man people just wanna be dave chapelle so bad.

  8. So many Mencia haters out there.
    IDK, I do like some of the moments in his show. I believe that some of the things he talks about are gold, but sometimes they are too few and far between. Anyways, with comedians like Dane Cook out there gaining popularity, this makes Mencia seem all the better. At least he does jokes… This would make a good blog thread…

  9. elikapeka Says:

    It is wrong to steal other comedian’s jokes…..but it is not illegal. Think about it. For example, I could have a great idea for a movie and tell my friend about it, not ever having written a script or anything, and he could take that idea that I spent so much time perfecting, write a screenplay, and make loads of money. Is it wrong, yep. Is it illegal, nope. There should be a level of respect for other peoples work, in this case specifically jokes. And there are a lot of comedians who work hard to maintain that respect for other people’s material. The best thing other the other comedians can do is to continue to call Carlos/Ned on it. Or maybe Carlos should just do a stand up spiel of all stolen material and admit it! “Hey I’m going to talk about moon dust tonight and use a bunch of stolen jokes and fit them all together with a bunch of swearing in between to make you laugh!” what fun…

  10. thekingofeurope Says:

    I have a scoop for you. Bill Cosby stole his act. He camouflaged it with punchlines, and to really throw people off, he did it before Carlos did.

    btw, i “stole” that from Bill Hicks, i just changed enough of it to make it my own.

  11. For me, its just hard to respect a comic who steals jokes (watch the link in my first comment). But I have to admit, he has a show and he is making money so what can you say? He’s obviously got fans. To make and analogy: Carlos Mencia is to Comedy what a pop star singing off of premade lyrics and beats is to Music. Both make money but theres a certain artistic and creative respect they lose from not performing their own material.

  12. It seems like everyone has forgotten that Carlos doesn’t only do stand up. I think a lot of his skits are damn funny from Mind of Mencia. If you’ve seen the one of Mencia asking elderly people, you get a lot of priceless answers.

  13. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    I assure you, no one has forgotten about that god-awful show.

  14. hawaii808 Says:

    Well i mean what he copied was not verbatim and he added his own piece into it. But i am sure this happens alot in comedy, with comedians having some of the same jokes with same punch line but may change something around to make it sound as if it is thier own. This is just how we right our papers, we sample from other pieces of work and move some words around to make it sound like us. No problem but i still think that Cosby was funnier

  15. elikapeka Says:

    Copyright is such a sticky issue. I don’t know how comedians could copyright their jokes unless they actually wrote them down. There is a lot shady area in copyrighting, but from what I remember from a lecture I heard about copyrighting (please do not quote me without further research) the general concept of a story is copyrighted. The question is, did Bill Cosby write it down so that it could be technically called “copyrighted”? But I think that the bigger issue is respect. If Carlos is making money as a comedian using another comedian’s work, it is wrong, whether it is illegal or not.

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