Some one said to me recently that you will always be happy if you can still enjoy childish things.  I find this to be true for how could you not be happy when these childish things bring you back to childhood?  As a child all I wanted to do on a rainy day was dance in the street and get soaked and still today I want to do just that.  You turn 18 in and you are an “adult” and splashing in puddles is something only kids should do(right?).  But it makes me smile to be soaking wet and wild, skipping around like a little child.  But here I sit on this rainy monday night typing away at a computer trying to enjoy staying dry.  Is this acting like an adult?  Am I an adult because i resist the urge to run in the rain?  Should I stay dry sitting here being a mature “adult” trying desperately trying to focus my homework or should I go have fun get soaking wet?  It makes me so sad when it rains and i want to play in the rain with my friends and they say “no let’s just stay in and watch TV”.  Doesn’t this sadden anyone else?  Am I alone in my love of childish things like tree climbing, puddle jumping and bubble blowing?  

My friend told me the other day “We will go on our tree climbing date but i have to be drunk”  is that being an adult?  As an “adult” do you need alcohol or drugs to enjoy the silly childish thing?  


I don’t want to drink i just want to dance in the rain with my shoes off.

Does that make me a child?


2 Responses to “Childish”

  1. Of course it doesnt make you a child…you have got a lot of kid in you but obviously are not childish. Choosing not to drink is far from childish and it shows a difference between you and the social norm of people at this age.

  2. japaneseperson Says:

    this reminds me of a quote i used to like. growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional. yeah of course if you enjoy doing childish things you’ll have the time of your life because you enjoy it. and as children we are ignorant to responsibilities. as the saying goes, ignorance is bliss. if you honestly enjoying splashing in puddles then no ones stopping you. fucking rage it in the mud!

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