An employee at Walmart was trampled to death by customers when opening the store… disgusting.


5 Responses to “R.I.P.”

  1. I heard to day that there were actually a total of three deaths on black friday due to similar situations… this is ridiculous.

  2. humans kind of suck.
    We’re like bloodthirsty animals when it comes to saving a couple of bucks. For sure if there was a zombie apocalypse going down, everyone would be shoving their friends into the zombie horde so that can get away, etc. But then again, if we were all goody goodies, there would bound to be a couple of bad seeds that would take advantage of us. So let’s all be bad seeds, great.

    Really sorry about that guy.

  3. This was like last week too. There were around 2,000 of shoppers that broke down the doors… thats crazy. A black friday sale isn’t worth someone’s life. We all turn to beasts when it comes to saving money.

  4. angielee777 Says:

    This totally shows the carnality of how humans can become…it’s crazy!!! I still can’t believe someone died from the Black Friday sale…

  5. Yup, save on that big screen TV at the cost of a life. Congratulations humanity. I wonder if someone stopped to help or if they just kept on moving? That makes me sick. The weird part is, I was at a black friday sale, and it wasn’t that cheap haha.

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