ONE.BE.LO = the realest


4 Responses to “ONE.BE.LO = the realest”

  1. This guy leaves his cell phone number with all of his cds in case you got question, comment, etc. No joke.. I bought his cd and it was all scratched up already. I called up the number listed expecting some automated voice come on and instead its himself… top 5 moment of my life to this point.. haha

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    holy shit that’s awesome. binary star is one of my favorite groups and one. be. lo is definitely one of the smoothest cats around. i’m gonna have to pick up project f.e.t.u.s

    • Project f.e.t.u.s , S.o.n.o.g.r.a.m. , s.t.i.l.l.b.o.r.n. , pick up all theses cds. nothin but FIRE!

      …ill post some other tracks. look for ’em.

  3. Yeah, thats sick. So refreshing in a sea of soldier boys and flo-riders. I never knew about this guy until now, but I might go pick up some of his stuff.

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