Materialism Kills

materialism – A great or excessive regard for worldly concerns

On friday I heard about what happened to a Wal-Mart employee when a New York store opened early in the morning for it’s black friday sales.  Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death by a mob of consumers as the front doors opened.  

I asked myself why?  What caused this to happen and could it of happened here?  Personally, I don’t think this would of happened in other places around the world.  The walmart sales this year were not very good and really people were only saving a few dollars or just a small percent of they would of spent had they waited a few days.  I think that’s its our american society that has so many people to because obsessed with “stuff”.   Its our modern advertising that tells us we have to have something no matter what.


Heres a video I found about advertising today

Based on the commercials that I’ve worked on I can tell you that what he is saying is true. Advertising’s only concern that we buy their product.  They don’t care about things like racism or us at all. They only want us to buy, buy, buy and do anything to accomplish what they want.  I believe that we’re slowly going crazy because of it.


7 Responses to “Materialism Kills”

  1. lanikaigrl Says:

    Yes watch that video gave me a headache. The advertising agent reminds me of the Devil. Advertising is just another tool to sell your soul. If you buy this gum it will make you look like a British blonde with breast implants.

  2. Luz Del Sol Says:

    If only more people were aware about Buy Nothing Day. Check it out.

  3. angielee777 Says:

    It is very interesting how people do get caught up with “stuff.” The sales are excuses for people to go out and splurge all that they have saved up and shop like a mad-man. I do admit, there could be big savings one can get…but I believe that Black Friday is totally hyped up more than it actually is. Just as you mentioned, there aren’t very good sales unless your hardcore and look up every newspaper, magazine, and website to find a couple REALLY good deals.
    I was also thinking about your title “materialism kills” and I do agree that it kills our contentment and happiness without all the “stuff.” I bet all those people that went shopping were just fine the day before they went, but with out culture today of wanting more and more, America will never be satisfied. Our culture will keep running after material things, that will deteriorate, rather than things that really matter (spending time w/ family, thinking of someone else rather than oneself, etc…).

  4. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    Money Money Money! This is all corporations are concerned about. They have no feelings toward their customers, they are only interested in fueling the hunger of our materialistic society. If everyone could live outside of the norm and only buy things they “need” not “want”, their would be no problem. But this is not the case unfortunately. In fact, this is human nature, to strive to be better then everyone around you. And how is it possible to be a higher ranked individual in our society when you are driving a civic and someone right next to you is in a Benz. These thoughts is what media feeds off of. They do not care on the well being of their customers or in most cases even the quality of their product. They tour money. period. and they do a damn good job of convincing us

  5. AngieLee777 Says:

    it’s a good relationship huh?…consumers just wanna buy buy buy and producers wanna sell sell sell…perfect! It is true how people today seem to have made the things that they want and need..kinda scary.

  6. thekingofeurope Says:

    buy nothing day doesn’t work. you buy nothing for one day and then make up for it the next 364 days.

  7. It is true the sales were not even that good this year, but as for this kind of thing happening anywhere else it definitely can, you just have to advertise the right products that are going on sale and people will line up around the store to get it. Like when the playstation 3 came out no one might have died from it but people were line up and camped out to purchase it when just a couple of months later the price would eventually drop. Alot of people measure others by the materials they own when really it is the materials that own a person. Each and everyone of us must value something made or we purchased no one is that un-human but we all must realize that these things can be replaced and will be when a newer and more updated version comes out. When purchasing something, i think of this if i want something bad enough i will only get it if i have enough money to buy to of them becuase if i dont i can use that money to use for something more important and when i do have the money to buy both of them by that time i will realize that i never really needed it or needed to get it.

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