Big Brother is always watching

no matter how we try and escape to non conform to not be what THEY want us to be eventually we give in, because we have to. it was said to me a long time ago, if u dont hate the system by 18 u got no heart, if ur not in the system by 30 u got no brains! ive been around a bit and realized that to get what i want i have to kiss ass and suck up to someone, eventually. the beauty of it i guess is when i di what i do to get what i want it is usually to help someone else fuck the system. i dont mind sacrificing myself to get ahead…to eventually help. i work in in a field that has such horrible stereotypes on people, i help get them past the red tape to get what they need, which most of the time in nothing more than hierarchy of needs people need to survive.

so watch on UH,,,we may have to kiss ass today but the welfare and overall well being of my society is well worth it because if u really KNEW who i was and what i was thinking…i wouldnt be here at all.



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