So this add is for Levi Jeans??? Tell me how much you were focused on the jeans throughout the commercial? It seems to me even the part about the jeans was more about them being off then on. Dont you think you would want to show how great it is when that brand of jeans are on? I guess this is just another example of using sex to sell.



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  1. hawaii808 Says:

    So I guess this will happen by wearing a pear of levi’s

  2. I remember seeing this commercial the first time, and thinking to myself “My god! I’m offended!” I felt sorry for being my age, how people must think all young twenty-somethings are sex-crazed neanderthals after seeing this.

  3. dylonspithotfiya Says:

    it amazes me how adds these days keep trekking deeper and deeper in sexual explicitness. I mean, I am not against it at all, but having my future kid see an add like this in between a cartoon show is sort of ridiculous.
    The more and more our culture opens up to sex, as it has been through the past century. The more sexual our media will become, and pretty soon porn will be “free”. Their is no doubt in my mind that within 50 years naked human beings will be displayed openly in our media. good or bad?

  4. They really grabbed your attention with the free porn here. I was hooked the first time I saw the commercial. I don’t know if I will by Levi’s for the simple fact I could not remember who made this commercial or what they were trying to sell. It just looked like a lot of fun ha.

  5. Well, upon seeing this commercial, I noted that the jeans actually did look quite sexy on the woman. But then I thought about all the horrible diseases that there strangers lying to each other were probably going to contract.

    But yeah, very sexually explicit. Also crosses moral boundaries, making it attractive to lie about your true identity and sneak into other peoples’ homes. The ultimate taboos in different areas, all applying to jeans. Taboo = sexy I guess. And I guess this concept will play out further as time goes on, and who knows, maybe we were see nudity in commercials in the future.

  6. fngrnailtree Says:

    When i saw this add i thought it was going to be a Trojan condoms commercial. my girlfriend turned to me after and asked “were we just told to sleep around in their product?” I laughed at this and realized that she was somewhat right. it holds a completely negative connotation but hey, i like sex, you like sex, the whole world likes sex, so no one is too offended in the end i suppose. we watch cuz it intrigues us, just as if we were to catch two people having sex in a car… you’d probably watch for a second, then tap someone on the shoulder and say “hey look over there” with a huge grin on your face.

  7. thekingofeurope Says:

    dylonspithotfiya, porn is already free. it’s called the internet.

  8. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    tell me more about this “internet” you speak of

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