Re: Where’s the diversity People

*Mission Completed* Bigdickdaddy’s mission: to find 5 magazine covers that has models other than white.*

Bigdickdaddy posted a thread, “Where’s the diversity People” questioning why there was no diversity when it came to magazine covers. Then people quickly took action and replied to him saying that there is diversity in fashion magazine covers. This is true and false according to my PoliSci Professor.

Hear me out.

Bigdickdaddy questioned “It seems models in Fashion Magizines have to be White, is this true?”

Apprarently yes. Let’s take a look at one of our Super Models, Tyra Banks.

Is Tyra banks really black? Or really white? Hmmm?

Is Tyra banks really black? Or actually white?


I took a political science class last semester and at one class, the professor (who was African-American himself) showed us a video about Africans talking about beauty. At one point, the blacks were saying how they were ugly compared to the whites and how they felt that they were inferior to the other races.

I got mad and said to the teacher, that is so untrue! America is so diverse! We have so many beautiful African-Americans in America!

The professor then said “Ah, there’s the problem”. And I got confused.

He asked me to name some “beautiful” African-Americans in America, and so I said Tyra Banks.

He asked me to name another and I said Naomi Cambell.

Naomi is white?

Naomi is white?


He stated that the very reason why they were depicted as beautiful, and the very reason why they were able to embrace the fashion world was due to their ability to camouflage and become white in the society. Whether it was acting more like a white person, or dressing like one, changing who they originally were, their root, made them become “beautiful” in America. Being Plastic?

As many people have commented on BigDickDaddy’s thread, yes there is diversity when it comes to fashion magazines but are they all really diverse? That was the question that my professor asked me that I could not seem to find an answer. Tyra banks and Naomi Cambell had to become Americanized in order to be beautiful and be accepted by the fashion world.

Is this true? I remember watching a interview where Tyra Banks told about hardships she has faced as a African-American Model, and she stated how at one point she had to change her ways in order to get hired.

Think about the pagents, modeling, videos, cinema, fashion, and more. Who started it?

Every magazine I saw with different ethnicity had at least some sort of white fonts on it.

Worse, Darker skinned models seemed to have more white colors around them.




Black Enterprise... white all over

Black Enterprise... white all over


5 Responses to “Re: Where’s the diversity People”

  1. i really like how you developed your argument. i also think that being white, black or any other race/ethnicity is not simply about complexion. being white means more than just lighter complexion. it’s about posture, utterance, facial expression, body figure, ways of thinking, how you dress, or even what you eat. And, your example images show how “blackness” is allowed in the fashion magazine covers.

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Please remember I had no doubt there was some black representation on magazine covers. My point was it is not equally distributed in the fashion world: not just on the covers but throughout an entire magazine. What i did notice is when they (entity) used Afro-American models it was many times in ads which advertising some kind of medicine or to suggest something was wrong with being Black. To Me, this is called an unequal amount of Distrubtion. I find that disturbing. If White models are used throughout a magazine that means they are the ones being paid. Economically, what gaps are being filled? Whites in power keep it that way so they can stay in power. This ideaology is nothing new its been going on ever since people assimilated to western ways.

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    anyone who knows anything about color interactions will tell you, a darker skin tone on a white background will “pop” more. a darker background and well, things begin to blend w/ each other. my art teacher told me that.

    also, naomi campbell isn’t american anyway.

  4. […] at hand is a lack of diversity of body types. I completely agree with knocknak in his response ( to bickdickdaddy’s orginal post […]

  5. The idea of equal distribution is indeed something that we need to think about and even question from time to time.
    Replying to thekingofeurope, using lighter colors on darker skin tones surely makes the image “pop” more.
    But as shown on the examples I’ve shown on my thread, why are all the African Models imbedded with white? Why not other colors?
    I find this very interesting.
    And as for Naomi Campbell not being American, that has nothing to do with what I was going for.
    As yskid have responded, its about the “posture, utterance… the way your dress” that makes you “white”.
    Thank you for the replies!

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