Italian Vogue’s “All Black Issue”

Italian Vogue made headlines this year with it’s “All Black Issue”, featuring only black models. It became their most popular issue ever- even warranting a reprint.

No matter how “fashion forward” this step was, there are those who think this issue still brings race issues to light. This is evident in the ads. Consider this website Haute Concept, as they count ad space in this issue.

  • 75 ads total
  • 3 ads featuring black models
  • 152 ad pages
  • 12 ad pages of black models

What do you think of in response to a magazine doing an “All Black Issue”?

Refer to the website to see the advertiser’s take on the subject.
What kind of “issue” do you think this brings up?


4 Responses to “Italian Vogue’s “All Black Issue””

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Thank you this is exactly what i am talking about. It doesn’t matter what counrty the magazine was produced in there will be bias towards groups of individuals.

  2. lanikaigrl Says:

    They meant all black clothing! Helllllllo!

  3. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Exactly, all black clothing with very little people of color. Face most magazines are bias.

  4. ketsukusa Says:

    ok Missing a huge point in the thread. All black is for clothes!! now thats totally different.

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