Creative Weapons of Mass Destruction

Here’s some powerful women spittin’ some powerful lyrics. Check out the difference in styles. Poetry continues to be a mind-expanding weapon used to fight all forms of inequality.  Check how these contemporary artists fuse voice, lyrics, and performance skills to create lyrical artillery that not only raises awareness but also drops bombs on the socially constructed cages that imprison our minds. Their presence and work shows us that we do not necessarily have to literally deconstruct race and sex in order to break down racism and sexism. Sometimes we just have to speak from the heart and our presence and creativity alone will break shit down. However, they also attack race and sex literally and lyrically, and this works as a double-edged sword. If you feel inspired, check out the hard mission below.

Hard but hella rewarding mission: Construct a creative lyrical weapon that can be used to fight sexism. You can write a poem and post it as a text, film it and post it as a vid, or record and it post it as a sound clip. It can be poetry, rap, rant, spoken word, song, or what the fuck ever you feel like creating with words. Or if you wanna promote the creativity of others, you can get their permission and post them up. But it’s gotta be original creativity: not something you got off Youtube. This is open mic time: creative minds bring your lyrical weapons of love and mass destruction.


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