Tattoo Fad

I found these pictures depicting people who are not polynesian with tribal or polynesian tattoos.  I think people get these types of tattoos because they see guys like The Rock and other celebrities getting this style and they like it.  The only problem is that with this style of tattoos, there is a culture and a deep meaning behind it which could cause some problems.  I think this is a problem in Hawaii because people see this style a lot and they want to get it themselves because they like it aesthetically, however, they don’t know the real meaning behind it.


5 Responses to “Tattoo Fad”

  1. look at kaukau, tautau, ta moko art. We talked about this in my Hawaiian studies class as well. A lot of people do have these tattoos because they think it looks cool but they don’t understand even the symbols within them and how certain triangles/ patterns represent certain family geneology. Art is a way of expressing yourself, and in America you do have the freedom to express yourself, but I do hope if you get a tattoo you would know the full meaning behind it.

  2. Is everyone else so certain of their place in culture and tradition? I know that the history of the world is one of mixing cultures that borrow or retain certain traditions. I know that everyone, can I say that?, everyone is a mixture of races and cultures.

    What I don’t know is what that means for me. Does everyone else understand this history perfectly well? Does it mean enough? Is there a symbol that you can say is ‘mine’, my family’s, ok to use? My last name has a Scottish coat of arms that goes with it but I don’t feel a connection with this symbol. Am I alone here?

  3. You never really know why someone has the tattoo they do unless you ask. If it seems out of place on them perhaps it is in dedication to someone of a different ethnicity than their own.
    Is it offensive to, for example, a Polynesian if I have a tribal tattoo and I’m not Polynesian?

  4. bigdickdaddy Says:

    silkej- probally not

  5. alamoluck007 Says:

    *sob sob* they don’t undertand what it means… CRY ME A RIVER!!! Who cares what it means, I bet I can find you just as many polynesian people who dont understand what the symbols mean either. And what would be the problem with that?! “Well they don’t understand the history and the aina and….” Just shut up with all that already. If i spent my time trying to learn where half the things in my life came from and what they ment I would have no life. Tatoos are a personal expresion, not proof that you know your polynesian history. By the way I think that is one of the most racist things, to say you gotta be polynisian to have one of these tats. This is America, and you can do whatever you want here you tat nazi.

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