Proof of cultural failure


Paris Hilton’s New BFF, Real Chance at Love… two shows that have absolutely failed us by lowering the level of television programs comparable to a pile of dog shit. A tv show created to find you a new best friend?.. oh, sorry I mean bff. Didn’t make any friends in jail Paris? The other show, Real Chance at Love, are two guys from other vhi reality tv shows that make a living by making a fool of themselves on national tv. What classy individuals.

Mission (Hard) :
Make a 30 second clip(commercial) of a spoof of a new fashion that just
hit the stores. We want the new “it” item. OR make a 30 second clip of a spoof of a reality series, it could be the next top model, or your new best friend. Make sure the video contains a consistent theme, and make sure to play on how ridiculous the item/show you are making a spoof of actually is.


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