Even if you can’t see it…

This is DIESEL’s ad.


Isn’t it rare to see a handicapped person on an ad?

Does it bringing diversity to the choice of people used in ads? Or, it’s just exploiting such people’s image to sell their products? Some say that being visible is better than being invisible to your world. It might be hard to critique if you think about pros and cons…

Well, do you know other ads that use the handicapped? that might change the perspective of looking at ads.


5 Responses to “Even if you can’t see it…”

  1. It’s a freaking ad…

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    I looked for a while and wasn’t able to find to many advertisements besides this one

  3. I wonder if the guy in the ad is really blind.
    I like how you brought up the handicapped since people were getting so worked up over the major/obvious minorities like African Americans, Asians, etc.

  4. yeah, when we think about minorities, we tend to focus on the racial/ethnic minorities. there are others who are underrepresented in our culture.

  5. there is a small chance that that gentleman in the ad is blind, but atleast an attempt is made to show diversity without being too blatant. brilliant ad

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