Movies – Lack of Creativity

Have you noticed today that most of our movies are based off of books, comics, remakes of other movies, sequels.  It seems like the filmmakers have totally ran out of ideas on what to base or make movies on.  Seriously, all the popular movies coming out now days are based off of comic books.  Spiderman, Batman, The Hulk, Iron man, Super man and much more.  A couple years ago i read this book called How to lose your friends and alienate people.  It wasn’t a really popular book but i got it because i had to read a book for my book report.  A couple months ago when i went to the movies to watch a movie, i saw a huge movie figure titled how to lose your friends and alienate people.  I thought to myself, didn’t i read that book?  I would of never guessed that that book would be made into a movie.  It made me think that alot of movies are based off of books.  Shouldn’t the author of the book be credited with alot more than they are for the movies success.  The authors are the ones that did all the work.  Without the book there would be no movie.

Here are some examples of lack or creativity


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  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    I think writers in general are not given enough credit. As it said in the book, every single movie owes it’s self to the screen play , yet the writers are usually overlooked.

    The beautiful thing is that some writers will take it upon themselves to direct their work. More recent example would be Charlie Kaufman with Synecdoche, and Tony GIlroy with Michael Clayton. Both amazing pieces of work.

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    And I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with Iron Man, I’m pretty sure everyone knows that it was based of the comic book. Stan Lee was even in the film, plus he’s making a shit load of money off those shitty Spiderman films. Suffice it to say, he’s getting his due.

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    what about jack kirby and his due?

  4. Well it is true about new movies borrowing from ideas from books, but other movies totally borrow ideas from other movies, switch around some things and make it work, I think that if they sample an idea and extrapolate on it, that works and is not creative. For instance if you saw the movie Pride and Glory they sampled from more than one movie such as Dirty, Training Day, and Harsh Times, turned it around and it totally kicked ass. So I wouldn’t necessarily say that its a lack of creativity but actually just a start for which they can use to base the movie off of and for the audience to have a sort of reference

  5. I don’t think it is a lack of creativity when the movie industry borrows from books or comics. It still takes some incredible amount of creativity to make an adaptation of something, sometimes even more creativity b/c you have to stay within a certain guideline set by the universe of whatever you are trying to adapt. The movie industry still has to write a script and go with a certain art direction to what they think is appropriate to their audience… so yeah 😛

  6. I think crlee nailed it with her comment right there.
    I wouldn’t really say it’s the lack of creativity since there’s so much that goes on when creating a movie (as we have learned in the class as well as in the book).

    Let’s look at an example: Harry Potter.
    When I read the book, I had such a hard time reading it trying to imagine all those details that J.K. Rowling was trying to portray… well, I was only 12 or something and the book was in Korean… anywho

    When the first Harry Potter movie came out, I was blown away because it felt as if my imagination came to life. Seeing the actual castle, seeing the characters, the owls, and everything in real life, was just mind blowing for me. And that in return helped me to enjoy the book even more thereafter.

    I get what you mean when you say lack of creativity since they use the stories that has already been “created” but I think bringing into life as crlee mentioned definetly makes it a huge mark on creativity.

    Question: did you watch Dark Knight? Compare that to the comic book.

    nice thread! Enjoyed the engagement.

  7. Everything is based on something.
    There are no new ideas. You can take the most creative idea to come out of recent memory and if you really look at the roots of where it came from, you’ll see that a hundreds of the same ideas came before it. Take Star Wars for example, (sorry, Family Guy: Blue Harvest is staring me in the face right now and I can’t get away from this idea.) When it first came out everyone was raving how it was a fresh idea, but when you really think about it how many times have we heard the story of good vs. evil. Light vs. dark. A mystical force that is greater then human beings. And something that will never die, the idea of a wise old man or teacher. Hell, even the Muslim religion is based off of christianity which is based off of Judaism.

    I can’t get over the idea of someone actually thinking that comic book movies are made due to a lack of creativity. Think about it, are they made because people are running out of ideas or are they made because the movies are screaming to be made? I grew up with comic books. Although I stopped reading them when I got older I always wanted to see my favorite super heros kick ass on the big screen. Depending on your generation, wouldn’t you love to see your favorite cartoon character that you watched your whole life in a good movie? Seriously, if your going to use Iron Man as an example you should know that the lead main character, Tony Stark, is based off of Howard Hughes (the real life playboy that was featured in the film The Aviator who was played by Leonardo Dicaprio. )

    I agree with “astrangerwithcandy” and how he noted that often the screen writer is overlooked. Then I started to think to myself, “You know, the Author is in a sense the screen writer” If the book wasn’t any good, then no one would of read it and it wouldn’t have been popular. If the book becomes popular than the next reasonable step is to make it visual. And thats where movies come in.

    You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t enjoy hollywood making a movie based on your favorite book. I’m still waiting for them to make a movie based on Ender’s Game.

    If you said that “Graphic Novels” are a sign of lack of creativity I could have let you slide. If you’ve seen “V for Vendetta, 300, and Sin City” you may notice that almost all of the scenes are just like the movie, just the same as the story and pacing. If you watch a movie based on a comic book, than you will notice that almost everything is different besides a few moments about the film. Nothing in X-men happened like it did in the Comic; same goes for Hulk, Batman, Superman and so on.

    The only movie that I can think of that had NO CREATIVITY WHAT SO EVER was The Departed, which is a (more or less) Direct remake of the Hong Kong Film Infernal Affairs… and The Departed won the fucking Academy Award for Best Picture!

    Main point to remember is that everything is based on something, That doesn’t mean that creativity can’t happen because of it.

  8. Ender’s Game, haven’t heard that name since 7th grade lol.
    But yea at first I didn’t enjoy that book, but after I started reading, it was interesting. Only thing is if Americans Directors make that into a movie, I fear that it would go horribly wrong, can almost picture it as one of those “Hey people enjoyed the book, let’s go remake it into a movie and get an Academy Award for Best Picture” or something.
    But yea, everything has been based off something else, where it have been comics, a book, or a movie or story from another country, majority of the movies out there are 100% copied.

    Doesn’t mean that those movies are boring or retarded though, just demonstrates how directors and studios are down straight lazy when it comes to being creative in the matter.

    I’m waiting to see how this new Punisher becomes like, especially since the first Punisher…SUCKED.

  9. thekingofeurope Says:

    i hate how these comic book movies are raping my childhood. the lack of creativity is in the characters not the story. hollywood has tons of stories, but no interesting characters. so, what do they do? buy up the rights to an established franchise, throw in a recognizable talent, apply their story, and release it w/ a ton of hype.

  10. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    that’s just what they do, comic book or other. not much you can do about except hope that those beloved comics get picked up by a good director.

    i almost shot my load when i found out that spike jonze was doing where the wild things are.

  11. Agreed, there is a lack of creativity, or more specifically, newness, when it comes to art forms in popular culture. Not just movies, pop music is the same recycled message and beats. Fashion too- shoot, just walk around the art building and see to what degree of sameness we all dress! But I don’t see this as a new phenomena.

    It seems to call to attention the difference between pop culture and what artists with ingenuity are doing. Pop culture is our similarities- what holds us together. For better or worse, it is the average, the norm. Art is what makes us different- new beats, a great movie, or when someone walks down the street with a crazy hip sock-knocking style.

  12. In response to ataru91, the are actually making a Ender’s Game Comic book by Marvel right now. It’s pretty good. Hopefully a director will pick up the comic and make a good movie out of it.

    On a side note, hopefully “Watchmen” meet the hype.

  13. Imagine you are the head of a movie studio and are willing to spend $100,000,000 on your next film. Do you go with some new idea or based it off something that has already been successful? I think the decision is pretty simple.

    Studios already know what we are willing to watch. They can just keep making movies about a the same love triangle and just change the location and use the actors or actress that are currently “in”.

    Why try to make money when you don’t have to?

  14. elikapeka Says:

    I don’t think this so called “lack of creativity” is a new thing in cinema. Movies have been based off of books or other things from very early on. Look at the great classic “Gone With The Wind”, that was a book.
    All stories are created by human beings for human beings, stories that we can relate to. The first way that people traded stories (after talking of course :P) was through writing them down. Now we can trade stories/ideas/messages through the media. But the foundation of media is still a written script. You still need a prepared written base (except with candid and improv stuff). So why not use stories that have already been successfully written.
    But it would be nice to see some fresh types of stories. Go read books, find new stories!

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