The Plastic Obsession-A Worldwide Obsession

Looking at the recent posts about how obsessive and engrossed our culture can be when it comes to beauty made me wonder whether or not other societies are as obssessed about beauty as we are. A recent post that mentioned the infamous SWAN (Plastic Surgery Makeover Reality Show) brought to mind the very similar Japanese reality show “Beauty Colosseum” You can watch a clip (Sorry no Subtitles—see the before and after at 6:47) on

or youtube below:

It also raised another question about what exactly “beauty” is.  In a recent episode of Oprah (Beauty Around the World), I learned that “…in a West African country halfway around the world, bigger is definitely better. Mauritania is a desert oasis that sits on the northwest coast of Africa. Here, a woman’s beauty is revered—but thin isn’t in. In Mauritania, plump is sexy!”

What impact do you think shows like the above make on young girls and boys?


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