Where’s The Diversity People


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It seems models in Fashion Magizines have to be White, is this true?

  • Do you see the similarities in these Fashion Covers?
  • Do you see any diversity in these Covers?
  • Ever wonder why women of color are not represented more often?

Look on the internet for women of color who are on the covers of these 5 magazines ( Vogue-Vanity Fair-Playboy-Maxium-Cosmopolitan ) Post the 5 different Magazine Covers you find back onto the Blog or into the comment box.

14 Responses to “Where’s The Diversity People”

  1. veeeronaaaa Says:

    the link to the VOGUE cover : CLICK HERE


  2. veeeronaaaa Says:

    the pictures didnt show up so here are the links to the images…
    vanity fair

  3. veeeronaaaa Says:

    Now a days, the models don’t have to be Caucasian. There are celebrities and other models, who are African American or Asian, and are actually put onto the covers of these magazines. What matters is the sex appeal these women can portray to the viewers. In the photographs shown, of course there are only white people because that is what they think will appeal to buyers. Sometimes there are still discrimination in photographs, but a lot views are changing.

  4. I am pretty sure i saw Lucy Liu on the cover of maxim… oh wait yeah i did 😛

  5. sailorattitude Says:

    I’m just wondering if you have looked into this, or if maybe you are drawn to a certain type of magazine cover. There are also some magazines that do not feature any white women and have more latino or black women on the cover.

  6. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Hey veeeronaaaa I am glad its changing. i just wanted to bring up the unfair advantage it is of being white from the veiw of people of color.

  7. angielee777 Says:

    1. Vanity Fait

    2. Vogue

    3. Cosmopolitan

    4. Maxium

    5. Sorry wasn’t comfortable looking at Playboy so I substituted it with Seventeen Magazine

  8. angielee777 Says:

    1. Vanity Fait

    2. Vogue

    3. Cosmopolitan

    4. Maxium

    5. Sorry wasn’t comfortable looking at Playboy so I substituted it with Seventeen Magazine

  9. angielee777 Says:

    There are many black and colored woman in the magazines today, I don’t think it’s confined with just White women.

  10. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Go look in Woman’s day or Family circle and analysis what you see. I am not saying it is confined to White women. What i am saying is it is not equally distributed. Seriously next time you open any magazine count the images and really look at whats being advertised.

  11. thekingofeurope Says:

    dude, only white women read woman’s day and family circle. that’s they’re demographic. just like how white women don’t read the source or XXL.

  12. Magazine companies aren’t stupid. They’ve got people doing demographic research on what types of people are reading their magazines. Seeing that the black population is just as dynamic as the white in modern times (See Oprah, Obama, Beyonce, etc.), there’s no surprise to find these sort of figures on the covers of magazines. Also, many companies seem to want to appear as racially fair, so they’ll include all races in their covers, ads, etc. I mean, just watching the movie Twilight, you see an Asian guy in some small white-ruled town, a black vampire, etc.

    But hey, I’m asian and I sometimes pick up Woman’s Day or Family Circle. Oh, and on the covers there are usually just pictures of cookies or something. I definitely feel good about cookies. They’ve got me. I’m sold.

  13. meitanteibilly Says:

    I agree that the reason behind the inequality is largely due to the magazine companies not wanting to put off their main audience and lose their readers, but at the same time they also want to gain readers from other demographics. As a result they have to walk a fine line between appealing to their main audience and appealing to the other groups who could become new readers. The reason why the people of color they show are usually celebrities like Oprah or Beyonce is because through their appeal and media exposure can be seen to be less “colored” than the rest of the members of their ethnicity. People use stereotypes to judge people that are different from themselves and when it comes to race there are a lot of negative stereotypes attached to minorities, but someone like Oprah for example who many women of all ethnicities enjoy does not fit many of the common stereotypes many people have of black people. Because they know her more “personally” their judgment of her is not limited to stereotype and instead influenced by her personality, she is able to show up on covers of magazines that are read almost exclusively by white people. And this applies to other non-whites who show up on the magazine covers of traditionally “white” magazines.

    The best thing though is that in recent times there is a lot more diversity on covers even when the models are not celebrities or prominent people. I think that it is a sign that white society is beginning to be more accepting towards people of other races which can only be a good thing.

  14. angielee777 Says:

    i understand that it is unequally distributed…but I think it’s cool that slowly we are progressing in adding diversity…but yes we do have a long way in completely integrating magazines.

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