Obsession with Movies

Here is a teenage boy who lives so much through a movie that he actually tries to pretend that he lives in this world in outer space.  What is so terrible about life on our planet that would make someone want to venture outside all of the time.  Living this way has taken a huge toll on his life as he had to switch schools for being made fun of.


4 Responses to “Obsession with Movies”

  1. wolffie503 Says:

    I feel really bad to admitting to this, but when this video first came out, my friends showed me and I laughed. I thought it was hilarious because I thought it was kind of a joke of a person goofing off and impersonating start wars. Little did I know, that producing this video has caused a lot of trauma and stress on the person. Exploiting a person on the internet can go two ways: you can either become famous for it or you can get made fun of for it. I wonder what this guy thought other people’s reactions were going to be of his video.

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Murder, genocide, famine, disease, infanticide, drunken step-fathers, pedophiles, car accidents, rejection, to name a few. Why is it so hard to believe that people withdraw into themselves to escape reality? Everyone does it in different ways. This was the way he chose to express himself, for better or worse.

    What’s sad is he lacked the foresight to know how cruel people can be, and now he’ll probably be more damaged because of this.

  3. japaneseperson Says:

    when i saw this i laughed too. not necessarily because of his choice on expressing himself but how he went about it. hes pretty uncoordinated. anyone doing something that requires coordination poorly is funny. its almost like hes playing a joke on everyone. yes its unfortunate that he got teased but who’s fault is it really?

  4. sailorattitude Says:

    It is sad what has happened to him, and many others when they post videos and are naive as to what the world will make of them. There have been many edited videos of him since then with special effects added on youtube.com.

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