Is there a problem?


This is an NBA Live 09 video game commercial I saw today promoting it’s annual release. However, when watching it something grabbed my eye. It is the last scene when the game title is revealed. What was odd was the fact that there are bananas hanging from the game title. This may or may not be racially fueled, but I thought it was a very poor choice for a sport in which +85% of the players are African-American.


4 Responses to “Is there a problem?”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    did you miss the guy saying “that’s just bananas”? if anyone is making this racially fueled it’s you. gwen stefani uses that phrase all the time, is she racist (harajuku girls aside). it’s fucking bananas for christ sake. a delicious delicious yellow fruit, not an icon for racial inequality.

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    In my humble opinion the best athletes in the world are basketball players. Bananas have nothing to do with getting dunked on or spirinting down court for a fast break several hundred times a game. I agree with King on this one. Its Bananas. We all already know who plays the best B-ball…

  3. Exactly racism will never go away if people keep perpetuating it everytime they see the slightest opportunity to or if they try to blindly see it out of the context of something being used…

    Oh and basketball having the best athletes is just bananas lol, soccer is so much better :)…

  4. bigdickdaddy Says:


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