Iconic Images vs. Altered Iconic Images

The Marlboro Man is one of the iconic images of the macho man.  Many people have started to smoke Marlboro to be cool like him.


You are trying to be cool, so you start to smoke.  You are so stupid.  If you don’t know cigarettes cause lung disease or cancer, you are so dumb.  If you still smoke even though you know that you might get cancer or lose your lung, you are dumber.


The second altered iconic image shows how it’s too late to be cool after you miss your lung.


Mission (medium): 

  1.  Find 5 iconic images and altered iconic images, which have been altered to represent another message. 
  2. Create your own altered emblem and post.

3 Responses to “Iconic Images vs. Altered Iconic Images”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    i don’t think calling people who smoke dumb is the best way to get through to them. i never understood why people care so much whether or not other people smoke.

  2. lanikaigrl Says:

    I remember when I was thirteen I was smoking a cigg at a beach access with my friends and this lady walked by and said, “Smoking is bad for you.” I got so pissed off. She cant tell me what to do! I would smoke because I wanted to be cool. So, now what do you know, I don’t smoke because its bad for me.
    (and its not cool) I am like that lady in my youth, I look at people like they don’t know what damage they are doing to themselves. I’ve seen two people close to me die from smoking and they both wished they never stopped. It really is a torturous way to end your life, kind of like a slow suicide.

  3. angielee777 Says:

    I wonder if at the time the first advertisement went out, the public wasn’t aware of the dangers of smoking as we do today. So by the new advertisement going up, it shows how people are trying to spread the news about the effects of smoking. This also shows me how there are active people out there that desire to keep other people educated and updated on new knowledge that they receive. They don’t hoard the knowledge to themselves, they get it out! 🙂

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