Why do the media always want us to look like someone other than ourselves?

Everywhere in the media they are constantly trying to change the look of beauty and trying to fool everyone what beauty really is.  Like this video, it shows how advertisements manipulate the looks of the faces that represent there products. How are we supposed to know what is real and what isn’t, and why do they have to manipulate images of the people that they use in there advertisements. 








Here is clip from a television show called The Swan.  They picked people around the United States that didn’t feel adequate with themselves and did a major makeover on them. They then pit them against each other in a beauty pageant.  How twisted is this.  In essence they take people that don’t feel like they are adequate for the world and then they have a pageant and some of the contestants still lose because they aren’t “good enough” according to the media.



After these two clips my question for you is, do you think the media is putting up this image that they want the public to look like? but in essence it isn’t an image that is possible for us to look like.  We have advertisements that are heavily photo shopped and then we have plastic surgery that make people fake because that is not what they actually look like.  



One Response to “Why do the media always want us to look like someone other than ourselves?”

  1. In response, I feel the media directs their attention to this idea of “perfection”, anything that is put together in the media is purposely there to attract consumers, to make money and corrupt society’s view of beauty. Making people feel unhappy on their natural appearances, which creates this endless desire to become “perfect” or in other words fake.

    To me changing your image creates this fakeness, you become someone your not and a lot times you tend to expect so much out of yourself. Insecurity plays a significant role also, people become self-conscious of their looks and tend to base their image to another person who they believe is perfect. Media is at fault when it comes to these issues because their the ones pushing society and influencing them to believe that beauty is based on the exterior. It becomes a problem when people become to judgmental and critical on the looks of others.

    I believe the media goes a little extreme when it comes to what beauty is suppose to be. With these examples of the Photoshop enhancement and the T.V series the Swan, it really takes away the character of the persons inner beauty. When people tend to dislike themselves from the outside it usual means that their mentally weak inside. They allow advertisements and other promotions to brainwash their thinking and it leads them into changing who they are overall.

    I knew a few people who decided to physically enhance their body’s. It was evident to me that they were already taken over by the powers of the media, and that they were very unhappy with themselves. Even though they felt physically perfect, to me it still made them seem less of a person. Somehow it changed their character negatively and it made their fakeness on the inside just as dull as the person they were outside.

    I strongly believe that people need to take a good look in the mirror and start appreciating who they truly are. To me the media is a bunch of rubbish which is turning people against themselves, and making them believe that who they are isn’t good enough anymore. If we turn to being artificial people we will never learn to love ourselves, because being plastic is an addiction, once you start changing your looks you tend to be never satisfied.

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