Whitey wins again…



Is this woman in the middle deserving of wearing a crown next to these two gorgeous other diverse women?

  • who do you think was on the panel of judges?
  • why do you think whitey won the pagent?
  • who out of these three women is deserving of that crown?

i feel both of these minority women look far better than the woman in the middle. Can anyone justify why the white women is wearing the crown???


16 Responses to “Whitey wins again…”

  1. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Yeah dude, throwin around the term “whitey” make you look real sophisticated.

    Aside from the fact that beauty pageants are shallow and indignant displays of vanity, i think it’ s pointless to ask who is “prettier.” Beauty is one of the most subjective topics there is. Though it seems like your implying she only won cause she was white is pretty fantastic.

    Maybe she paid them off, or sucked them off. There’s a thousand reasons why she could’ve won and your looking at the most superficial one.

  2. bigdickdaddy Says:

    The words Nigger, Chink, FLIP, JAP, is thrown around quite often in conversation but i say Whitey a few times and you get all hurt. “AWWW BoO HoO”. Don’t try to insult my intelligents, i don’t see very much diversity in the winners of these pagents that is the point i am making. Yes your right, beauty is in the eye of the beholder; however, you can’t tell me you have never questioned who a winner of a pagent was, or why they were choosen the winner when other contestents were far superior. All I did was ask a few questions that you obviously didn’t answer cuz your too caught up in the word WHITEY.. What goes around comes around… I could have easily used the term “Haole” you like that better…

  3. thekingofeurope Says:

    she probably had a really good answer during the Q&A portion.

  4. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Haha just because you and your friends throw those terms around doesn’t mean that everyone does. And what in the hell are you implying by “what goes around comes around?” as if I’m the one stating unprovoked racial epithets . For the record, I’m white, Chinese, Japanese and Hawaiian so I’m not “all hurt” by what you said. I’m just saying that it kind of undermines your argument.

    I really like Haole though, it means foreigner right?

  5. thekingofeurope Says:

    “I really like Haole though, it means foreigner right?”

    maybe in a literal translation, yes… but, not really.

    it’s kind of like the word “gay”.

  6. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    “gay” like jubilant?

  7. No seriously using a racial slur yourself while trying to be some sort of racism champion does not make you intelligent and claiming that because other racial epithets just tossed around gives you claim to being able to use whatever racial slurs you want is just the epitome of ignorance, seriously she won beauty pageant and she happens to be white, as astrangerwithcandy said beauty is one the most subjective things so it doesn’t really matter what the judges think because they entitled to their own opinion of that beauty is, which is the exact reason why a non-Chinese person doesn’t go to China to win a Chinese pageant.

  8. sailorattitude Says:

    I agree with thekingofeurope… did you consider that she might have deserved to win? It seems that you tend to stereotype and look to find white people above people of ethnic orgins. What is the name of this pagent? Why did she win? Where are the other women from?

  9. bigdickdaddy Says:

    She wasn’t the over all winner, just the winner of the bikini contest. Color clashes don’t appeal to me if you don’t mind me saying.

  10. bigdickdaddy Says:

    She wasn’t the over all winner, just the winner of the bikini contest. Color clashes don’t appeal to me if you don’t mind me saying.

  11. These pageants are not all about looks, I mean you are right the two females on the outside of the white girl do look better, but i am sure the three white panel of judges made the best choice in choosing the girl with the best overall personality, looks, and the one that seemed to be the most sophisticated or the best one that is well read and spoken.

  12. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Here’s another thing that bothers me with this post; we don’t even know where this pageant was held. You have to keep in mind that beauty is a relative, and the aesthetic standards that people value differ from country to country, state to state. Of coarse if this was held in Hawaii, odds are that the outcome would’ve been different simply because we’re a diversely rich state. Had this been in say Oklahoma, her win might seem more justifiable.

  13. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Stranger- Its an image we are talking about here, not a video clip of the pagent or a newspaper article. If you must know it was from a Miss Universe pagent and this was the winner of the bikini part of it.

  14. thekingofeurope Says:

    so, she looks better in a bikini than the other two. what the hell is the big deal here?

    who do you think was on the panel of judges? N/A
    why do you think whitey won the pagent? N/A
    who out of these three women is deserving of that crown? They’re all equally deserving of wearing the “tiara” because we should live in a just and unbiased world where racism (including against white folks) does not exist.

    this post is a exercise in oxymoronic thought process.

  15. I would like to hope and assume that she won the pagent because she was the most deserving. However, it is true that most of the time that is not the case. If the panel was a group of all white people then its easy to say that she won because she is white. But that may not be the case. It is really how you look at it and how you WANT to see it.

  16. It might be called a beauty pageant but the people that win these pageants are not based only on beauty they are also given points on different things such as talent, questioning, and intelligence. She might have been a lot more deserving then any other person in that pageant but of course just she might not be as attractive as the other contestants, people are just going to believe that she got the crown simply because she is white.

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