Is HIP HOP DEAD? I think not.

Do you  believe that HIP HOP is wedged under a rock, while Little Wayne and other horrible artist are glorified. HIP HOP lives in the souls who believe that music has a purpose to teach an incite individuals through various mediums of ART, SONG, and DANCE. What the hell motivates the mainsteem today besides SEX, and money, if you can find anything please let us know. I bet you cant think af anything else.


2 Responses to “Is HIP HOP DEAD? I think not.”

  1. I totally agree that the art of Hip Hop has changed drastically over time. For some reason there’s no meaning or value to these tracks anymore, they basically consist of lyrics, like you mentioned which are powered by sex, money, and domination. But we also need to recognize that the generation now are motivated and have grown to learn that the culture of hip hop is portrayed to be this way. Somehow the understandings of this culture has brainwashed the minds of our growing youth into believing that being gangsters, hustlers and pimps makes up what society is today.

    Hip hop music has stepped out of the shadows of meaningful artist such as Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, who both demonstrated that music serves a purpose, more than just words but expressing a way of life. Talking about the hood and hard times basically exemplifies this type of message hip hop intended to inspire. Expressing true experiences through hip hop served to be their unique way of relating to others on how they persevered in life (sticking to who they truly were). But for some reason that message has been buried under the surface and artist today tend to lack those certain skills, along with any influential backgrounds.

    I believe popularity of the artist themselves has now become more important than the actual music they create. Maybe artist such as Lil’ Wayne and others should study the actual roots of Hip Hop, which will allow them to make a solid connection to the art of music, and then encourage them to create tracks with a purpose.

  2. joocebawks Says:

    If I’m not mistaken, that’s Aesop right? Personally, I tend to lean more towards rock and all the sub genres that follow, but he is one of the few hip-hop artists that I can listen to without my ears bleeding. I do believe that Hip-hop has hit a rough patch as of late. However, this can be said about many genres of music. When artists such as Soldier Boy, and Miley Cyrus are on the Itunes top ten, you know there is a problem. I think that it has a lot to do with the dumbing down of America. Many people don’t want to hear meaningful lyrics that make them think. They would much rather listen to some random black guy rap about hoes and how big his rims are to a generic beat. It doesn’t help that this new image of rap music has been labeled as “cool.” A good majority of current mainstream rap music no longer has a story or purpose and is based more on the popularity of the rappers themselves rather than what they are actually saying. I completely agree with what dgalarza said. To sum up, yes, hip-hop is “wedged” deep.

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