When does clothing become a topic for parents?


Native Hawaiians are outraged at people for partying while wearing barely any clothing in Lahaina. This image of a Hawaiian teen dressed in a Marti Gras Style outfit seeming to be semi-drunk at a Halloween in Lahaina party has caused some concern. Activist want this party stopped due to this type of behavior on Historical Land or sites. What do you think?

  • Should teens be allowed to dress this way?
  • Do parents and community members have a legitamate arguement to shut down events like this?
  • When should parents draw a line to what and what not an adolescent can wear?

Do You Think This Type of Clothing is Appropriate for a Teen at a Halloween Party????


11 Responses to “When does clothing become a topic for parents?”

  1. Honestly, I believe that parents don’t even know where their children go or what they are wearing nowadays. I mean, when you were a teen or if you are a teen, would you tell your parents that youre going to an all-time rager party in a skimpy out-fit? I reality, teens live a secret life, one that parents arent aware of. We all know that. So if there’s a possible way to solve this, great. Give a suggestion to stop the corruption in our communities.

  2. sailorattitude Says:

    I think that this is a personal matter for the teenager and their parent, and not for us to judge. It is Halloween, and it is a costume. One should be more concerned about the supervision at the party and not the amount of fabric in this girl’s costume.

  3. I totally agree with you dmonis. Teenagers do live secret lives, they
    are not going to tell their parents everything that they do and
    everywhere that they go. But, going back to the questions on the post I
    do believe that some teens take their clothing a little too far. It is
    Halloween but teenagers need to be smart, when you are dressed like she
    is and under the influence that is just asking for trouble. When you
    are under the influence you don’t always know what you are doing and
    where you are. I think that if you are a teenager and are completely
    supported by your parents, then yes parents have a right to tell their
    child what to wear and what not to wear. But, once that child is
    supporting themselves and no longer relies on their parents then I do
    not think the parent can say anything about what their child is
    I also believe that the parents and members of the community had a
    right to shut down this party because there were obviously people at
    the party that were underage and were not supposed to be drinking. It
    was an illegal situation and that should be okay for parents and
    members of the community to step in and take control.

  4. tigerlilly22 Says:

    I think that it is stupid for people to get so upset over this. It’s one night out of the year and it’s not as if she’s a 12 year old girl shes probably more around 19. Another thing to think about is what she is wearing is less revealing then most swimsuits. I think parents have the right to draw the line somewhere but this seems pretty harmless to me. i understand if this girl was wearing this type of outfit on a regular basis or hardly wearing anything but it’s halloween, it’s fun to dress up and enjoy yourself.

  5. First of all, do we really know if this teen has any Hawaiian ancestry to begin with like you mentioned. And secondly, what control do parents actually have over their teens actions in public. To me it’s disturbing that this is both tying in Hawaiian culture and people who seem to disrespect it. Its hard to believe that this “Hawaiian girl” that you perceive to be dressed inappropriate has really any affect on the Hawaiian Nation itself. It becomes a real concern if Hawaiian’s actually had any control over these sites and were even a part of the community to begin with. From what I believe Maui’s population especially in the Lahaina area is based on large community’s of whites. There are barely any Native Hawaiian populations existing in that area. So this Hawaiian issue has no critical affects on what’s being actually discussed.

    This may be a conflict between an community of ignorant people and the younger generations who contribute to these corrupt acts. It basically has nothing to do with the Hawaiian culture, it really deals with parents who have rebellious kids who don’t share any significant morals and values. Its also a reflection on what the younger society portrays to be the norm, the entertainment industry and influences of the media throughout the world attracts these types of behavior. Should it be allowed, I don’t really know because we can’t really control anything outside of these boundaries. Adults are not a part of this realm, so teens have already established distant lives from their parents.

    People may say its the parents fault for allowing their teens to dress in this fashion, when it actually reflects upon a personal choice. Teens decide to represent themselves this way and parents are limited to expressing their opinions. A group or a community cannot make this issue legitimate enough to resolve any matters, because teens in society have already adapted to these life-styles. This may sound bizarre but this life-style kind of controls the way the world is directed today. People are not going to change who they are and what they wear because a community of parents are all of sudden upset. Its basically out of their hands and teens are going to do whatever they feel is right to them.

  6. bigdickdaddy Says:

    dgarlaza- here is the whole article. i didn’t chose the picture i juat gathered it from the article. The young lady seems to look as she has some type of hawaiian blood but I have no DNA on her. Sorry.

    Lahaina Halloween Party: Native Hawaiians Take Offense, Seek Shutdown
    Where: Maui || Grouped in: Maui Nightlife || Tagged: celebrations, Lahaina, parties, West Maui

    The raucous Halloween festivities in Lahaina (pictured here — yes there are some risque costumes), the most touristy city on Maui, have long drawn comparisons to Mardi Gras and other gleeful street parties. This apparently offends Native Hawaiian groups, who feel the semi-drunken public costume ball is a desecration of Lahaina’s important historic heritage as the longtime ruling seat of the Kingdom of Maui in Hawaii’s pre-contact era. The town also served a stint in the 19th century as a primo whaling port, which probably involved lots of public drunkeness, as well, but c’est la vie. The Maui cops say they think this is one party no one can stop — after all, its not legal to forbid people from walking public streets in costume. Unclear what all this will mean but probably not much — except maybe some bad karma for party-goers, or perhaps even more raciness to this already edgy event. I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, totally understandable objections. On the other, Native Hawaiians have always loved a good party — witness celebrated reign of the Merrie Monarch himself, King David Kalakaua, a noted bon vivant.

  7. I think this argument is unnecessary and people shouldn’t be arguing over something like this. I can see why some Native Hawaiian groups could take this event the wrong way, but I don’t think they have a choice in stopping the event. It is only a Halloween party that happens once a year and it is a chance for people to enjoy themselves and have fun. I don’t think it is right to say that it is a “desecration of Lahaina’s important historic heritage.” Even if the event was shut down, the people in the event would just move it somewhere else or just do it anyway. How would the police even enforce it, are they going to arrest everyone on the street? I can see that the Native Hawaiian groups want to keep the tradition and heritage of Lahaina, but I think this is going too far.

  8. I think this has nothing to do with Native Hawaiian people. This kind of things happens everywhere. As parents and cops the only way the should have a right to stop this party is if alcohol was present with underage kids present because then that is going against the law and that is when the authorities can step in but other than that parents can’t stop a party for the way that the kids there are dressed. That is just too much, and none of there business. Unless you are just taking you child out of the party but one parent cannot stop the entire party.

  9. Regarding parental control over what teens wear, I think that is their own decision. I agree with lekaina because the parents can control their own kids, but when it comes to an event like Halloween, they don’t have control over everyone else. Parents may control what their kids wear in the house, but kids now days probably will just wear what they want out. Walking around Waikiki during Halloween, I’m sure most of the girls out there did not get permission from their parents to wear the outfits that they do.

  10. When you think about it, doesnt it seem like the young children nowadays wear more provocative clothing. I mean like, when I was in middle school, i remember girls just wearing shirts and shorts, nothing too skimpy. But when you look at the middle schoolers now, they have spaghetti straps on, with the tight jeans, skirts…. Funny how fashion just changes over time. and its funny too how parents actually allow their children to wear those kind of outfits.

  11. Yes, I also agree of why the native hawaiian people would be angry about having an event like this in Lahaina. But would have they be able to stop the event just because of their beliefs? Its supposed to be the police who are able to stop the event only if there were stuff illegal involved. But like how the article said, this was a party that no one could stop … its not legal to forbid people from walking public streets in costume.

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