The New World

In one of my other classes I discovered this interesting term called “Simulacra”, which is basically this imagery or idea of representations we construct in our minds in order to make sense of the world.  I found this clip online which symbolizes this idea of how we tend to reproduce what is already real, and making unexisting thoughts reality. 

The clip introduces this man-made destination called “The World” and its suppose to represent this island paradise which provides basically your every needs and desires.  The islands and residential areas are constructed in ways to make living convenient and easy.  They tend to attract viewers by explaining its a world of exploring, a place to relax or simply getting away.  In other words “this world” is simply a fantasy which most people can only imagine in their minds, unrealistic thoughts or desires becoming true. 

They somehow push viewers to believe that these ideal developments can change the perceptions of people’s understanding of what is real. Especially in the beginning when they mention how “the remarkable becomes the new reality.”  Is that really possible?


2 Responses to “The New World”

  1. those are the man made island in Dubai made into the shape of the continents. Dubai keeps building crazier and crazier things. I’m looking forward to seeing their worlds tallest building.

    This add does seem very strange. Just the choices of words seems scary.

  2. i heard about this too. i was watching vh1 a while ago and they were saying how this is going to be the new up and coming resprt that the richest celebrities are looking in to buying property in.
    but this add does seem very weird. the voice is creepy too.

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