Fighting Discrimination in Full body suits

Watch till the end:

If we were all in full body armor suits, people would judge us more on our actions rather than who were are. Because no one would know who’s in the inside of those suits.

Should people really judge others by their skin/gender/body…etc. when they try to make a point? Would they listen more if stereotypes weren’t involved?

If I were to make my own guerilla group, I would disguise myself by using full body armor, maybe like the ones in the video above^ because it hides gender, skin color, pretty much everything. In doing about our business, we’d focus more on advertisement in media. We’ll do an experiment on how women in ads are used as sex symbols by having a person in a full body suit instead of hot women.


2 Responses to “Fighting Discrimination in Full body suits”

  1. I think we need an Alien to attack the world to unite all countries. Then no one would care about skin color – gender etc. lol

  2. thekingofeurope Says:

    haha ketsukusa, nice you get that from an old episode of the outer limits or one of those old 50’s monster comics?

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