Another Stereotyping? Or…What?


Do you see any problem in this ad?

This is done by a fashion brand, American Apparel.

You can see…

  • a Black female posing with a straight face
  • exaggerated makeup (overemphasis on the lips)
  • gaudy color contrasts (skin tone, lip color, clothes and cap)

Aren’t some of these characteristics of this ad making use of the stereotypes of the Black people?

Do you think this is bad? Why/Why not?


2 Responses to “Another Stereotyping? Or…What?”

  1. sailorattitude Says:

    I think this ad for American Apparel does portray Black Africa. The make up is a little much, and if this was their goal, they could have done a more realistic job. I have been to the store, and all of their clothing is solid colors, and usually bright. It is an interesting way to catch attention.

  2. >”they could have done a more realistic job”

    but, they didn’t do it, right? that’s the thing that i also had problem understanding. i obviously lack in knowledge of this, and i hoped someone could give me some references about it. what is there motive? could it be “cool” or “rad”? deep underneath of this ad, doesn’t it connote some kind of colonial history of america? etc…

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