Documentary-Man on Wire

While discusing the difference between documentaries and movies in class, it made me think of this movie, Man on wire.  I saw this movie a couple months ago.  It is a documentary but there is also some acting involved and it is also entertaining.  Its actually pretty funny at some parts.  They have actual footage, interviews, and some acting scenes.  It kinda combines elements of both types of genre and makes its own.  It combines a documentary, history, and entertainment into one movie. The movie is a bout thus french man who walked across the two world trade centers on a rope.  I think whats also pretty important besides the fact that he walked across two building but the fact that those building are the world trade center.  They aren’t there no more so people get to see it again.


One Response to “Documentary-Man on Wire”

  1. yes I really want to see this. This was rated as one of the scariest documentaries ever made.
    I hope he made it

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