Polynesian? You tell me…

This is what America consiters to be a Polynesia woman. What do you think? Does she represent Polynesia?

  • Does she look polynesian to you?
  • Do polynesians people dress this way?
  • What product do you think the advertisers are trying to sell?

Tell me what you think.



6 Responses to “Polynesian? You tell me…”

  1. I’ve never seen a polynesian like her

  2. Nope, doesn’t seem like a Polynesian woman at all. I was thinking more on the lines of a hula dancer outfit. I know its a stereotypical implication, but this woman has nothing on that represents the polynesian culture.
    Maybe the advertiser is trying to make people believe that all polynesian women look that way? I dunno, but it seems that they’re using the typical ‘sex appeal’ to sell their clothing. … or are they trying to sell polynesian women?

  3. It would be a sad day if this woman was to represent Polynesians. Honestly, I’m almost too distracted by her get-up to even care about her ethnicity.
    Is this really America’s view?
    Why was this photo taken? Where was it published? Who was the target audience?

  4. bigdickdaddy Says:

    damn i wish i linked this image to the site i found it on. It was some site that advertised hawaiian clothing. This was one of their models. I found it in their picture gallery. My bad dude i’ll try and find it again. ALOHA

  5. hmm, bigdickdaddy says something about her being one of the models.
    I wonder if they portray all their models this way, saying that they are of a certain culture. If you find that picture gallery, post it up in response to this post.

  6. so I heard about his racial joke before and this post kinda made me remember it. I think it went like “what do you call a pretty polynesian/micronesian girl?” and the answer was “Lucky.” So offesive yeah? saying theyre not pretty. well The one in this picture ^ is. I know that for sure.

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