Who are the Guerilla Girls…

Disguise gives people the confidence to do what they want and say what they say.
Fight stereotypes with stereotypes?

Would people care if they didn’t wear gorilla masks?

“I would have preferred pink ski masks” -one guerilla girl calling herself ‘Alma Thomas’

EASY MISSION: If you are making a guerilla group, how would you disguise yourself and when/how will you go about doing your monkey business? What are the things that your costume will diguise? (ie. skin color/sex/face/body…) Would you dress up like a ninja? Wear your halloween costume? Dress up like a police officer?
Describe camouflage costume idea to trick the public of your identity


13 Responses to “Who are the Guerilla Girls…”

  1. thekingofeurope Says:

    maybe women should start painting nude women.

  2. The guerilla girls have a very interesting method towards fighting discrimination in media, art, pop culture, etc. Wearing those gorilla masks draws out other questions: why gorilla masks? Would it be different if it were any other kind of mask? But yes, being of a certain race or gender should not matter when trying to make a point. In a way, Wearing those masks is probably more effective in drawing the attentions of people than not wearing the masks.
    By the way, i dont think “women painting nude women” [see previous comment] would solve anything.

  3. meitanteibilly Says:

    When I try to view the video it says that it’s no longer available

  4. Luz Del Sol Says:

    Try this link, not sure if this is the video the author was linking to, but it is a presentation by the Guerrilla Girls, you can youtube it too.

  5. Luz Del Sol Says:

    Oops try this:

  6. As for dmonis’s question about the gorilla masks. I think the gorilla masks represent a sort of guerilla warfare against the discrimination they are fighting.
    I feel that these issues of everyone having equal rights no matter gender or race is already a pretty popular concensus. In this way, the “guerilla” in Guerilla Girls will start to become less and less relevant.
    I feel that nude pictures and paintings of women have been popular for many years and mediums like art just take time to change. I dont think artist paint naked women with malicious intentions of degrading women. Maybe in olden days this may have been true, but now I think its just art. Nothing more is exploited. Plus that heading “Do women have to be naked to get into Met Museum?” is from 1989. Thats like 19 years old. Not too relevant.

  7. thekingofeurope Says:

    i myself prefer to paint nude women because i feel the male form is not beautiful at all. generally women are softer and much more challenging, i think.

    and wearing gorilla mask while calling yourselves the guerilla girls is rather uninspired and didactic. these women call themselves artists? they’d be torn apart at critique.

  8. I don’t think that naked women were painted in the “olden days” with the intentions of degrading women. In fact it was probably more about art then than it is now. People probably do it more now because it has been accepted as “art” so they can get away with it.
    The human body in general is very interesting to paint or draw or whatever. It is not or should not be about the fact that the people are nude because usually “art” has more of a meaning than just the up front picture being presented.

  9. elukefhr, i see your point. I really feel that the guerilla girls portray the women being painted nude as the victims. these guerilla girls are too sensitive.

  10. what I mean by saying that the guerilla girls are portraying women as victims is that women arent victims i this case. They make it like men forced them to do this; and that its a horrible thing. Whats wrong with posing? Theyre the inspiration for the art. The only thing that victimizes them is the way the guerilla girls percieved these facts.

  11. I read thekingofeurope’s comment about how “painting females are more challenging than painting males”. I read somewhere that the Male body is more challenging to do because of how men are more muscle toned, while the woman body has more curves, making in easier to render. Maybe its just a stereotypical implication of men and women…

  12. About jeffrah’s statement earlier about painting nude women as art in the past, yes I totally agree. It was probably a form of art back then and art is changing as time progresses. Nowadays, there’s art in media, film art. Maybe the next move the guerilla girls should make is wearing those guerilla masks while shooting a pornographic film. Too extreme?

  13. Easy Mission:
    If I were making my own guerilla group i would dress up like scooby doo. Because if I had to wear a mask to stand up for my beliefs, I would consider myself a coward, and thats what scooby doo is.

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