beautifully disgusting

This is a unique commercial which i think may be a parody.  I like it because it is beautiful, disgusting and so very brilliant all at the same time. Its amazing because on their site it said “We made this with no money and for fun, so enjoy! ”  I think that their work is of really high caliber for a project that had no money.  If this was a real commercial would it work for you or is this pushing the limits too much?


2 Responses to “beautifully disgusting”

  1. would grab my attention.
    But it also would give an bad image for the company. shit

  2. lololololol
    definetly attention grabber.
    at the beginning of the clip, i was like “wow! the splashes and the way the paint gets sprayed is so cool!”
    then i saw the naked man “pooping” it out and said wtf…
    high caliber in the beginning, not so much later on.

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