A Helping Hand

Let Me Google For You

LetMeGoogleThatForYou.com allows you to enter any search query, then grab the resulting permalink to share it with someone else. For instance, if someone in a forum would ask “What does ’AFAIK’ stand for?”, you could (somewhat impolitely) point them to this search, which would then interactively perform a Google search for “afaik” for the visitor. (Kind of the next version of this even more impolite site… and nope, neither site is an official Google site…)”

In a world where technology seems to do everything for us, here is a new alternative in search engines.  It is called “LetMeGoogleThatForYou.com”.  The text above briefly explains its main function.  Simply this website will allow you to search something for someone in a more fancy manner.  You’ll never know how it works until you use it.

Interactive web design has been the strength of the Web 2.0 generation in which users like me and you have control over what we’re doing on the Internet.  This blog itself is something we can change, manipulate, and customize to our liking.  The future of the Web lies in how we can use it to our benefit.  As mentioned in ACM 255, video games are inspiring movies and vice versa.  The success of video games is due to the ability to control what you do.  I see the trend running the same for the online community.

The helping hand of technology can be a dangerous one.  As I watched the film Wall-E, I’ve come to realize that as much as we make life easier for the whole human race, aren’t we just being more lazy?  It’s an awkward cancellation of each other.  I fear that we’ll be too reliant on technology that will be the end of us.  Can you imagine…sitting down while doing everything? (for example, typing out this blog!)  Horrible.


2 Responses to “A Helping Hand”

  1. i love the picture that you used at the end… haha!

  2. sailorattitude Says:

    Wow… robots really are taking over. Google was a huge deal in terms of search engines, and now they are trying to make them polite so as to humanize them. Make it more convienient and easy for us to go on and feel as if we have asked a friend a question. That is a little creepy in my opinion.

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