poetry direct


“The television tells me that if i was a tank driver or movie star my penis would be huge… but my pops, he takes care of us and he does neither of those.”  This quote was the inspiration for posting this video of Anis Mojgani because i feel that it is a clear statement of what people go through when influenced by the media, and how they forget that alot of those people who you would look up to don’t impress you or get your admiration because of what they follow but what they do and how they do it.  Finding what it takes to be a man can’t be found in advertisements nor can it be found on T.V. shows where the purpose above all is entertainment, and not guidance.  So why do we look to film characters, rapper personas, and talk show hosts who want something out of you, rather than our parents, our relatives, and our friends who invest alot of their time and love into you and whose opinons should matter?  The reality is that we’re looking to those people who want something out of us more often than those who have put their love and time into our up bringing and the person you’ve become.


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