Best Fighting Scenes

I’ve seen a post below that mentioned that fight scenes are becoming better. But other than the movie “ong bak”, which uses amazing fighters and stunt men taking real hits and real falls, I haven’t seen a real good fight scene since the beginning of the 90’s.

I think something like the Matrix is considered more of an action sequence rather than a real fight scene. Though that fight scene is directed by Yuen woo ping. I think it still lacks the essence of reality. I think great choreography and great stunts make up a great fight scene. Not CG.

I believe Jackie chan was and still is the best fight choreographer/stunt man. Though his recent work doesn’t show his true talent, here is a video that show some of his best moments.


3 Responses to “Best Fighting Scenes”

  1. Jackie Chan is a master at his craft, some of the stuff that is out today in the movie industry don’t even come close the the thought and imagination that the older Jackie Chan movies have.

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Psss, it’s all about Tony Jah

  3. herewithnoone Says:

    I love Jackie Chan movies, his fight scenes were always enjoyable.

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