If Rubik only knew about technology

I found this cool game online and it deals a lot with new cutting edge of electronic arts.  This glowing cube figure is called the Fentix cube and it was created by a research engineer named Andrew Fentem.  The Fentix cube shares its similaritiesto the original Rubik’s cube, with the rules and concepts remaining the same.  Some of the featured advances included in this cube starts off with the full colored cubic screen, the multi-touch screen elements, and the way it is programmed to create other multi-dimensional games, puzzles and cool lighting effects.  With the Flentix cube you won’t have to worry about peeling and replacing the stickers or getting stuck in between rotations of the cube.

With the advances of technology people are able to enjoy and embrace the endless possibilities and creations provided by electronic arts.  It has changed the world in so many ways, such as the improvements in media, the internet, phone technology (communications), etc.  Electronic research tends to keep building and it will gradually lead our world into many other new directions. The electronic game such as the Flentixcube has proven to give us that power to create the unthinkable.  The start of a revolution for future games to come.     



One Response to “If Rubik only knew about technology”

  1. That is really cool looking. I could never do a rubix cube, but I would try this out. If this is the direction toys are heading, I really like it.

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