best fight scene

Nows days this fight scene is laughed at like how you will see in most of its video comments, but back then, it was probably a very intense and exciting fight between Kirk and the lizard dude.

The fight scenes that we have now have a much better choreography and are much more complex, with or without special effects. some examples of the complex fight scenes we have now days are from the movies Tom-Yum-Goong and The Matrix trilogies.

Maybe in a couple or so years, these fight scenes that we thought were amazing will be nothing compared to what they will make in the future


2 Responses to “best fight scene”

  1. the Tony Jaa Fight scene was amazing. That whole thing was just one shot for a whole 3min of action scene. I still liked ong-bak a lot better though.

    Watch old kung-fu (not so old maybe around 80’s) the fight scenes are better than the ones you see today. Maybe watching old Jackie Chan movies those fight scenes are amazing.

    Yuen woo Ping is a great fight choreographer.

  2. Look at the original Star Wars(Ep IV – Obiwan vs Darth) and the new trilogy released this decade…big improvement.

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