The Blender

I found this program on the web and it got me fascinated about the works of simulation.  The program is called Blender and its used to create visual 3-D art and unique forms of animation.  In this case it takes the digital world and visual effects to a whole new level.  In this short sequence it explains about the techniques and tools that are used in designing this magic fluid simulation.  It also explains each of the stages and methods used for the simulation as it goes from the liquid form then transforming into a human figure.  What amazes me about this simulation is the sharpness and intricate details applied in every transition.

This demo reminded me about the movie “Terminator part II”, when they designed one of the characters to be embodied in a liquid metal form.  It makes me wonder if during the 90’s that this sort of simulation process had made its first impact upon the media industry.  Was this there first test at changing the way we perceive visual media and were these simulation programs intended to create the images we see on screen today.  I believe that the Blender program has also links to a lot of the animation processes taking place today.

Here’s another clip on the Blender, showcasing many of the amazing 3-D art pieces created using this program, enjoy.


2 Responses to “The Blender”

  1. wow! amazing. some of them do not even look 3D

  2. Wow yeah some of that was really impressive

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