The never changing Barbie

So i looked up Barbie commercials, from the first one to a more recent one and realized that nothings really changed.  Well there are obvious technological advancements but besides that, the manufacture are selling these dolls and showing off different a 




***i don’t know if the first commercial gave this disclaimer, but the 1959 barbie commercial was played during the mickey mouse club (children’s show) and even today, the present barbie commercials are played during children’s hopes for the kids that watch this nag their parents to buy it for them…pretty wise on their end from before and still now.***


2 Responses to “The never changing Barbie”

  1. veeeronaaaa Says:

    yes, a very smart approach because parents will definitely become annoyed with the nagging and eventually will get them it for their birthday, christmas, or if the children are really spoiled, they will get it for sure.

  2. i definitely enjoyed the jingle from the old commercial. interesting that it says “someday I’m gonna be exactly like you” and shows the Barbie dressed as a bride.
    i noticed that in the modern commercial you actually see the kids playing with the Barbie’s, not just a hand holding it.

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