How do we change the influence of video games and cinema on society?

Cinema and video games have a big influence on society. A lot of murders these days by younger kids are believed to be influenced by many of the video games out today. One of the biggest video games believed to have the biggest influence is Grand theft auto. There has been many murders done by kids that bought this game or received it as a gift and have tried to copy the murders that they experience in the video game. Is this right? How do we stop these influences from happening? How do we let kids play these games and not have them influenced by the graphic killing that is played in these games to do them in real life? Sometimes it’s not just cinema and video games that influence teenagers, music lyrics has been known to influence the way teens have thought about certain things. A lot of rap music is consistently degrading women and talking about them like they’re toys. After a while boys start to think this and start treating women the same way they hear about them in the music that they listen to. How do we change this?

Articles of kids that have attempted, or murder someone based on a video game on cinema


4 Responses to “How do we change the influence of video games and cinema on society?”

  1. ninebreaker Says:

    I got a question? How valid is the violent game argument? Do we really become more aggressive if we played “violent” games? I played GTA4(Grand thief auto) and Call of duty 4 & soon 5 but am I really influenced by them? (I play airsoft but it was influenced by a friend not Call of duty). From what I’ve seen these games affect the younger kids then more older people (Remember those kid play acting?).

  2. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    correlation does not equal causation

  3. any time theres a crime, especially one that becomes fatal, a blame is needed to put on something. In the case of children that are violent the easiest blame is to put it on something they are familiar with, and in this society it is video games. I do agree however that correlation doesnt equal causation, but it video games do give these children something to immulate. Violence is through the eyes of a child, is not the same as it is through our eyes and mind. Going between dead and alive is as simple as starting the game over.

  4. astrangerwithcandy Says:

    Well then I guess it’s up to adults to provide the moderation necessary for said children.
    I personally believe that human’s are predisposed to violence, considering the amount of blood-shed that’s been spilled for centuries, way before the conception of “mass-media.”

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