Barak’s first order of business!

I know that this is more humorous more than anything else but I thought that you would be interested in hearing about this.  The 2nd day after the election I went on to and it had the headline saying that Barak wants to have the NCAA football change the BCS playoff system they have right now, into a normal elimination style playoff system.  Be that as it may, why does yahoo feel that this is motion by Barak Obama needs to be displayed on their front page of their website?  I felt that it was ridiculous to see that especially when there are so many other issues we have in this country that need to be taken care of, before college sports!  Ridiculous


One Response to “Barak’s first order of business!”

  1. bigdickdaddy Says:

    Its nice to see that our president-elect sees the unjust which is taking place in college sports especially the BCS bowl games. The BCS is a money making machine designed to make money and not to see whch football team is truely the best. Remember any team can win on any given day. That’s why they play the game. Obama realizes for there to be a true National Champion a new format has to be set up and the BCS needs to either go away or be revamped to fit a format like we see in college basketball. (March Madness) This way all the division I A teams are given a fair chance to come out National Champions. It is important to millions and maybe he sees this as an easy way to make the change that most of us who watch college football want to see. The way the BCS is set up now is bullshet. If UH beat Georgia the way Georgia whipped Hawaii, making them the only 13-0 team they still would not have been even consitered National Champions dispite being the only undefeated team in the nation last year. Good luck Ball St. Your going to need it…

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