So bad that it’s good

I’ve been a long time follower for South Park.  Even to the point where I believe that the director’s commentaries are more fun to listen to than the actual show.  Well, I just say the 11th episode in the 12th season, and I have to say.. Genius.  This is an obvious sign that they just don’t care about production values or story line and that Matt Stone and Trey Parker just want to have a good time… and it WORKS.  In fact, if you listen to their commentaries you can get a feel for what kind of people they are and have a better understanding for episodes like these.  Well, here is a clip from the episode.  It’s just a spoof from Cloverfield but I think it’s one of the funniest moment in south park history.  Well, after Scott Tennorman Must Die.


One Response to “So bad that it’s good”

  1. veeeronaaaa Says:

    i love this show! i watched this episode..
    it was super hilarious, never listened to their commentaries, but maybe I’ll consider watching them to understand more of what is said in here..

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